Jennifer Connely’s Balenciaga FW 09 10 Ad Campaign Take Two

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Do you remember the first acrobatic image from the Balenciaga Fall Winter 2009 2010 ad campaign with Jennifer Connelly? If you found that weird, then you should consider it was just a preview.

Here goes the full campaign with Jennifer Connelly, completely ignoring the gravitation and all physics common sense while wearing Balenciaga! (the story continues after the jump with more images!)

Jennifer Connelly Balenciaga Fallw 09 10 ad campaign

If there’s nothing you wouldn’t do in the name of fashion, think that there’s always someone out there who’d plus on that. If you thought you saw it all fashion, think there’s always time and someone always gets bored more rapidly than you!

Balenciaga  Fw 09 10 Jennifer Connelly ad campaign

If you thought we had enough of unprofessionals doing a professional’s job, think that they all love change. Even we do! And if you thought some clothes looked strange on the runway, think there’s always a stylist and a photographer out there ready to make them look unearthly beautiful!

Balenciaga  Fall 09 Jennifer Connelly ad campaign

( I could go on, you know? Since there’s really no valid point in discussing the awkwardness and the styling used in this Balenciaga Fall Winter 2009 2010 campaign). Still. Don’t you secretly wish those clothes/shoes would be more comfortable to wear than they look as advertised by Jennifer Connelly and photographed by Steven Meisel? (photos via)

Jennifer Connelly Balenciaga  Fw 09 10 ad campaign

Jennifer Connelly Balenciaga  Fw 09 10 ad campaign 1 Jennifer Connelly Balenciaga  Fw 09 10 ad campaign 2 Jennifer Connelly Balenciaga  Fw 09 10 ad campaign 3


#1 Adriana on 09.10.09 at 7:35 am

I don’t need to to say it secretly: yes! I’ve no desire though for the sky-high-heels-trend which I see as “today’s corset”. Look how the poor things stumble in the city to be sexy. The clothes are great looking though. Jennifer Connely whom I adore for her acting skills and beauty does look far too skinny for the sake of fashion. I may hope this is not her “Requiem for a Dream”…..the atmosphere is so dark I wonder what Steven Meisel projects here…..

#2 Ellington on 09.10.09 at 11:30 am

Yes, I agree completely with what Adrianna said. I love Jennifer Connely (one of my favourite films is the one she did when she was very young with David Bowie
“Labyrinth”) she is very talented.
Sometimes I think that these fashion houses are so busy trying to be artistic and creative with their images that they forget to simply sell the clothes or try to make them appealing.

#3 cc on 12.31.09 at 12:23 am

If you look up the word ‘beautiful’ in the Oxford Dictionary, you will find a photo of Jennifer Connelly.
I am sure there are angels who are too frightened to look her full in the face.

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