Janet Jackson Runaway And Together Again

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Today’s Friday Break is about Smiling. I just woke up this morning with this idea stuck in my head: today, I’ma make you smile!

So help me out here! Janet Jackson! Can’t go wrong with the classics! Janet Jackson singing and dancing. And Smiliiiiing! Thank you for this beautiful week, for your great comments, I hope you have the most amazing weekend ever! Enjoy Janet Jackson’s Runaway and Together Again right after the jump!

Don’t you just want to be nice all day long? All life long? Just be nice, smile the days away! Written and released in 1995, Runaway made Janet the first female artist to debut in Billboard’s top 100 in the first five positions. While there isn’t much to say about the song, which is lovely altogether, the video shows Janet traveling the world and was included in a production documentary. (you can find the making of here, I wouldn’t include it because you know how much I dislike spoilers, so if you want to see the magic behind Runaway, it’s up to you, just a click away!)

So now let’s go Together Again. It’s from her sixth album, The Velvet Rope, 1997. Though it’s a tribute for a friend of Janet’s (who just died from AIDS), the song was rearranged into a dance tune; also two versions of the video were made available. The one included in this Friday Break is the funny, bright one. The one that’s really bringing her friend from her memory is a much slower version, more cinematic and it’s also a click away! (you can watch it here). Once again: let’s smile the days away!


#1 Adriana on 09.26.09 at 5:20 am

Oh, I remember both songs very well…..Together Again makes me smile though with a tear in my eyes. How fast times has flown. I remember how I was amazed by the wonderful computer animation and watched it a lot on MTV. Yes, good old MTV from the past :))
I loved that album title at the time “The Velvet Rope”.
I would love to Runaway and smile. I cannot run away so later on today when I get out I shall smile a lot. I’ve already started!
As always lovelies, have a nice weekend.

(Please send good vibes to a man with a wonderful smile, one of the most amicable drivers in the F1 that is going down the drain alas, he must win tomorrow, he deserves it be a champion, so please send a smile to Rubinho Barrichello that the force be with him? If you don’t care about races, do it for me and because that’s really a nice and man who doesn’t ever play foul games :)) )

#2 Adriana on 09.26.09 at 5:23 am

LOL! I still smile though the site acted weird again, I know now how to handle it. Just a little patience and check out the sit again….. I forgot, I’ve also found the trick to get back on Sal’s “Already Pretty”! Ha, my laptop wants to rule? I don’t think so!

#3 Ellington on 09.26.09 at 4:16 pm

Runaway is my favourite Janet song. I love the joy of it and I would love to travel just like she does in the video.
Together again makes me feel bittersweet because now I think that when she sings that song she will be thinking of her brother.
Thanks for this Kpriss! : )

A lovely weekend to you Adriana and to you Kpriss! : )

#4 kpriss on 09.29.09 at 10:41 am

I do hope you had a wonderful weekend, smileful! (he hasn’t won the F1 race, hasn’t he? Rubinho?)

You’re right, Ellington, she must be thinking about her brother! They worked their music like they were magicians!

Do tell me girls, don’t spare me – is there something wrong with Stylefrizz? I can’t seem to put all the pieces together but it all points to a malfunction puzzle. Tell me all about it, we could make it work again if indeed there’s something wrong with it!

#5 Adriana on 09.29.09 at 11:53 am

Sweetie, I never spare you! LOL, I always tell you if there are malfunctions or ask if it’s you’re provider or my provider/laptop? It’s all so lovely compatible isn’t it….grrrrrr…..
I’ve no complaints but some more GRRRRR men would be nice?

Noooo, Rubinho….. I begin to get a turn-off of the F1. I’m afraid this is my last season. Of course it has been always a glamorous sport but these days…anyway, I said that last season also….Further, I had a nice weekend with lots of :)

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