Friday Lovely Peachy Dress

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Our beloved urban living has so little charming effect on us that we sometimes forget to smile. You know, smile?

Don’t you just love it when someone talks to you and they smile? When they just look at you and they smile? And you smile back? Like it was some forgotten gesture, something magical you left in your fairy tale books when you were a child? Well, let me tell you I loooove to smile! And I’d love to see you smiling back at me! Just look at this beautiful dress! Isn’t it 100 times more beautiful just because the girls who’s wearing it smiles? It’s like the sun shines on that dress, no matter what!

Well, today, my beautiful ladies, this is what I wish for you: to fashion yourself up with a smile! It’s your biggest asset, don’t forget: smiiiiile! (and wear a similar peachy frilly dress like Charlotte di Calypso here! She matched her beautiful dress with a tan leather jacket, shot and figure-embracing and some neutral grey wedges sandals and messenger bag) (photo via)

Peachy frilly dress Charlotte di Calypso


#1 Ellington on 09.25.09 at 9:47 am

Yes smiling is a gift to be shared. :)
The dress (which looks rather tangerine in colour on my computer) is lovely and so is the model and her big smile!

#2 Tavia on 09.25.09 at 3:31 pm

I can’t say that I like the style of the dress but definitely I like the color. You can’t wear this color and not smile :) it’s a happy and vibrant color :)

#3 Adriana on 09.26.09 at 5:27 am

We’re smiling still? Okay, no problem :) This colour doesn’t suit me at all but I like the image and I adore the jacket and the mix of the colours with the bag and shoes! It’s a lovely picture.

#4 jahanara khan on 09.26.09 at 10:53 am

I like the color and style of the dress. Bag and shoes are also nice

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