Michael Jackson Was Human After All. And Now He’s Gone.

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Though millions have already watched and participated (in spirit) at/the Michael Jackson Memorial Service held at the Staples Center, no matter how hard I tried to avoid getting all emotional and giving in to the headlines, I just couldn’t.

Call it a mother’s sympathetic feeling for a family’s tragedy, call it a fan grieving the loss of a truly magical artist, I just had to let it out. (the story continues right after the jump with a video from the Memorial Service)

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Staples Center

Yes, the Couture Shows are already catwalking down, charming everyone and their fash-dog. But Michael Jackson’s departure was beyond any magazines sales reports and increasing profits strategies (and surely above any un/fashionable frock). It was something that has brought the world together. Something that made everyone synchronize and (including that snobbing fashdog who only swears on the runway gods) feel the sorrow and the human pain at the loss of someone they loved (somehow, sometime).

Luckily, this very special Memorial Service was so much about the man behind the public Michael Jackson that there’s still hope in rehabilitating his name and make his legacy a truly honorable one, valued for its outstanding artistic weight. Bless you, Paris! for being honest and speaking with the simplest voice of them all: the voice of a child who loved/loves her parent. Match any couture show to that! Pile them all together and compare, I dare you! (photo via)


#1 Adriana on 07.08.09 at 5:23 am

Kpriss, you make me cry. Again. You’re only human and in touch with your feelings that’s why you wrote this piece. From the heart.
This Memory Service was very moving. Brooke Shields’ genuine speech as a friend and of course little Paris’ words broke my heart. And I cried too….
This service has been watched all over the world. We were so “lucky” it began around 7.00pm, a time we Dutch are usually home after work and running for errands.

One day Michael will be rehabilitated. Because I’m so sure he wasn’t a child molester. He was like a child himself and felt at ease with children. I truly believe that and always has! I really hope that this rehabilitation will happen if only for the sake of his three children. I was brokenhearted watching Michael’s children….still am….

I’m glad I found this personal piece today today and not a couture review. Thank you.

#2 Ellington on 07.09.09 at 9:21 am

It was a very moving and touching memorial service. I loved the song that Stevie Wonder sang, it was lovely and the heartfelt and heart wrenching words of Paris summed it up.
Michael Jackson’s music, style and creativity was epic and will never be matched.
I also don’t believe he was a child molester.
I want to and will remember and celebrate his music for it is timeless. :)

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