Make Your Own Chanel Quilted Bag!

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Imitation, they say, it’s the highest form of flattery. Could we consider counterfeiting as flattery of some kind? At least commercially?

How about reediting in a very personal manner? Maybe we’re the generation that’ll spawn the real change. The new it: derision. Karl Lagerfeld was the visionary, comme d’habitude: he sported a funny inscription on a plain white bag (Karl who?). Then there’s the power of DIY. The magic behind the Do It Yourself formula enabling anyone (and their fashdog) to reveal their inner designer. Can you resist the temptation of DIY Chanel Bag? (photo JakandJill Fashion Copious)

Chanel Quilted Paper bag


#1 Adriana on 07.14.09 at 7:29 am

Yes, I can resist the temptation though I think this is very funny!

#2 Ellington on 07.14.09 at 10:15 am

Yes it is rather funny but no I will not be hopping on this bandwagon anytime soon.

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