Hermès Kelly Bag – Do It Yourself!

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You already are highly familiar with Hermès. Or at least heard of it (thousands of times). Then you also know that Hermès bags are highly coveted and you have to get on their waiting list if you’re looking to buy one of the famous Kelly or Birkin.

Well now they must have changed the communications responsible or somewhat higher ranked people charged with consumers relations because something revolutionary was spawned! Hermes US features an unexpected help for customers who want their own Kelly but are eager to have it right away (I wonder if that’s going to stop in any way the eBay Hermès commerce they’re trying to sink) – Do it yourself Hermès Kelly (right after this first picture you’ll get the instructions!)

Hermes I want it, I\'ll get it

Born under the name “I want it, I’ll have it!”, the project is in fact a tutorial about how to make your own paper Kelly bag!

Download Your Hermes Kelly

With 8 downloadable prints and explicit cut and glue instructions, you’re on the dreampath of having a Kelly in no time (not to mention you’re building it with your own sweat! See if it’s worth paying those 5-6 figure prices!).

Paper Hermes Kelly

So, what do you say? Ready to get started?

Build your own Paper Hermes Kelly
(purseblog via notcot)

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#1 Alexia on 11.16.10 at 8:55 am

Great Idea to wrap gift this Christmas! ; )

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