Avril Lavigne Does Elle Canada August 2009

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Elle editors must have received a directive pointing towards teen punk rock pop as the new must in fashion magazine. Women fashion magazines!

While Miley Cyrus covers Elle US, Avril Lavigne takes Elle Canada. There’s no shame in giving up to the commercial temptation, Elle should come forth and say it out loud: we’re only doing this for the money! Otherwise, portraying Avril Lavigne in their August 2009 (Canadian Edition) issue looks a bit weird… (the story continues right after the jump!)

Avril Lavigne Elle Canada August 2009 cover

If I was to point a single thing I love about this Elle pictorial, I’d go for the lack of “prune”: Avril keeps her mouth shut! (in the pictures, that is!) That alone could make me consider a second look at Avril’s photos. Now on a closer inspection: matching chipped black nails with sequins and studded bracelets is not how I’d work the trends in my favor, and I wouldn’t call it fashgrowing up either. But Avril said she’s a grown up now ( 24 y.o). In fact, people over at Elle Canada say she’s a mini-mogul! I’d say leave the fashmogul title to Kate Moss and mind those stripes socks stocks! There’s a new Avril Lavigne album coming up this November! (photos via)

Avril Lavigne Elle Canada August 2009


#1 Daydreamer on 07.14.09 at 5:50 am

On the cover she was stylish bc stylist did the job, but as a model she was totally off. she looks like a mannequin. Though I like the styling.

#2 Ellington on 07.14.09 at 10:13 am

I have seen this issue in the stores and I won’t be buying it because I am not an Avril Lavigne fan. She was trying a few years ago to become more high fashion but for some reason she abandoned it.
Avril does not smile with her mouth open because her smile is more of a grimace, that can be rather alarming and not in a good way.

#3 kpriss on 07.15.09 at 7:10 am

Ellington lol! now that’s a good reason not to prune!

Daydreamer, you have a point there – she does look plastic-ish! (and not in a good way)

However, I was so surprised when I saw she throw a classic wedding with white dress and all, I almost fell for that and hoped for some kind of image/style improvement. Sadly, marketing is a b*ch and when you built an image, you’ve got to stick with it! (unless you’re Madonna and changing your image is your image)

#4 Avril Lavigne per Elle Canada | Very Cool! on 07.20.09 at 5:30 pm

[…] Foto Stylefrizz […]

#5 AvrilFanS,,,!! on 09.19.09 at 9:10 pm

LOL…!! when isee that in store ill buy it… cause im the no.1 fans of avril lavigne and Taylor swift too… and when i see the magazines of miley cyrus i will not buy anyone.. im not her fans just tell her please.. cause she’s not pretty and her voice is too much little… ofcorse her teeethhhhhh so big…. ewwwwwwww…. hahahha… i love u avril no.1 and taylor swift… vaaaaabOooXhh..

#6 i love u avril lavinge on 09.26.09 at 3:47 am

i like u…
can i be ur fren???
u rock dude!!!

#7 montaha on 09.21.10 at 9:08 am

hi avril ilove you very muth im from libya i love you ilove you avril

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