Lindsay Lohan’s Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist Isn’t Actually Hers

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(oh, what a surprise!) The young and restless Lindsay Lohan just got herself a new lawsuit filed by a St Petersburg chemist who claims the self-tanning formula from the Sevin Nyne mist is not Lindsay’s but hers (and stolen from her by LiLo’s current business associate, Lorit Simon).

Next you know, LiLo’s leggings were actually made and sewn together (or torn apart) by the green goblin living under Karl Lagerfeld’s house (a cousin of the public restroom goblin whose story you can all read in the Drop toilet paper novel). Where would we be without the weekly dose of LiLo real life soap opera? (via, photo via)

Lindsay Lohan Sevin Nyne tanning mist Sephora

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