Louboutin, YSL No More Red Soles Lawsuits!

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The red soles madness is finally over! Remember all the legal fuss around Louboutin’s shoes red soles? And how the label filed for copyright infringement against Yves Saint Laurent? Who were – oh my! selling shoes with red soles as well!

They went back and forth in the legal swamp trying to knot this or that route down the red soles road. 18 months! 18 months of trying to obtain red soles exclusivity! As wwd reports, it’s finally over now that this Manhattan federal district court confirmed closure of the litigation between the two parties. Does that mean that the New York’s federal court’s order allowing YSL to only sell shoes with contrasting soles is still on? Or maybe the houses reached an off – court agreement? Ah, all this legal mumbo jumbo has me all confused!

Christian Louboutin YSL lawsuit settled

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