Viktor & Rolf The Freishütz Opera Swarovski Cristallized Aplenty

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Fashion and music work wonderfully together. Especially when we’re talking about opera music – it just makes it all outstandingly extraordinaire!

Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf talk through their creations for Robert Wilson’s Carl Maria von Weber “Der Freischütz”. It’s all in the CRYSTALLIZED™ element of the costume: they used (appx) a million Swarovski crystals for these Opera designs. Impressive and colorful, Viktor & Rolf take a fashion trip to the Baden-Baden Opera and really make a blast out of it! Almost better than a Haute Couture show, isn’t it? (the Deutsch love mixin’ fashion and Opera!) (Coute que Coute via Hypebeast)

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#1 Adriana on 06.09.09 at 7:55 am

I’m not that exited by the costumes but I love what Viktor and Rolf do here. It must be interesting to work with other creative people and “compose” something together.
It’s great to see the joy on Viktor’s face while the singers tries the costumes.
God, I wish I could have been there and worked pro bono and do everything they asked me to do….sweep the floor is fine too….that atelier looks like paradise to me….and the music is so beautiful…..

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