Keira Knightley’s Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 2009

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Despite all those rumors about Emma Watson taking the ad lead chez Chanel, it seems Keira Knightley still rocks the Coco Mademoiselle contract like no other!

I always thought Coco Mademoiselle was about a strong, willowy young woman with androgynous features and as skinny as she may be, Keira makes a very feminine impersonation of the Coco Mademoiselle.

Working with the same iconic photographer (Dominique Issermann) but more on the mysterious side, Karl puts some clothes on Keira (which is always a good thing, given how frail her frame looks!). The Kaiser now approves long wavy locks, smoky eyes, forgets the hat and borrows the suspenders from Audrey Tautou’s Chanel no5. And completely torments me with those pearls! I have to admit, I like how this ad turned out! It’s subtle enough to not feel visually disturbed and Keira’s not pouting! That’s always good! (plus, it’s not about Emma Watson, so that alone makes it a great ad campaign! lol) (photo via)

Keira Knightley Coco Mademoiselle 2009 ad


#1 Daydreamer on 06.28.09 at 11:04 pm

I am a big fan of Keira, seeing her in this ad is always great. Love the feeling of it. Very feminine but strong.

#2 Adriana on 06.29.09 at 3:45 am

Ouch, I’ve watched Pride&Prejudice at last on tv. Daydreamer sorry, she was terrible! Not for one moment she became Elizabeth. She was so annoying. The whole movie was. Maybe I’m too attached to the BBC series of Pr&Pr.
I liked her very much in Bend it like Beckham but I’m sure she hadn’t that silly pout back then. She speaks weird with that lips!
Kpriss, you liked her at her best in Love Actually rigth? Okay that was much better than Pr&Pr. No, not exactly my fave actress.

She looks nice on this photo. Luckily she doesn’t do her pout. The pearls and the blouse and the suspenders are lovely and looks good on her.

#3 Daydreamer on 06.29.09 at 7:32 am

That’s fine, Pr&pr wasn’t my fav of her piece. I Love her playing in Domino.

#4 Ellington on 06.29.09 at 11:15 am

I don’t mind Keira and I like this ad, the perfume and I love her necklace!
“Pride and Prejudice” was not one of my favourite films, actually I barely tolerated it. And yes I am not a Jane Austen fan (ah sacrilege!!! I prefer Hardy and Elliot).
I did like Keira in “The Duchess”, I think she did a good job of it.
Oh and thank goodness it was an Emma free ad! Otherwise Kpriss you would have to change the name of your blog to” EmmaFizz”, and I would have to take my leave of you. ;)

#5 Adriana on 06.29.09 at 1:13 pm

Ellington have you watched the BBC series? I don’t like to read Jane Austen but loves the series/movies by her books.
I believe I’ve to rent The Duchess.

#6 Ellington on 06.29.09 at 1:31 pm

Oh yes I have seen the BBC series with Colin Firth. That was good. I think that my favourite Jane Austen book to film is “Persuasion” with Amanda Root. It is a quite and charming film with lots of pathos and soundly acted. I have tried to read Austen but I could never get through her novels. I have the same aversion to Emily Bronte. :P I think that I am a female in the minority when it comes to Austen and Bronte as I am NOT a fan.
If you get the chance rent “Persuasion” with Amanda Root. I think you might enjoy it. :)

#7 Adriana on 06.30.09 at 7:43 am

Ellington, I join your female minorty group when it comes to Austen and the Bronté sisters! I tried to read their novels after I’ve watched series and movies of their novels. I own “Wuthering Heights” (with a hardcover) and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility” (also with hard covers) as presents. And I couldn’t get through them, aww…it were such sweet attentive gifts and I didn’t enjoy them……
Wow, so Emma Thompson’s Oscar was well deserved for her S&S script don’t you think? I really adored the movie.

Thanks for the tip!

It’s so damned hot here and I’ve to avoid the sun. I go to the cinema in a few (where it’s bearable due to aircondition) to watch “Coco Avant Chanel”. It will be gone here after tomorrow.

Grrr, wasn’t able to upload Stylefrizz…, I really yelled: “I want my Stylefrizz!!”. Odd, because DecoJournal was easy to load……the internet sometimes grrrrrr….

#8 Ellington on 06.30.09 at 9:06 am

Ah yes, I really did enjoy “Sense and Sensibility” with Emma T., Kate W., Hugh G., Greg W., and Alan R.
That movie was well acted and cast all around. I adored Alan R. in it his Col. Brandon was lovely!
Oh and I could actually stand Hugh Grant (for once) and thought he acted really well! But I cannot do the novels.
I welcome you to my fold Adriana!
: )
Have a great time a the movies!
I so want to see that Chanel film but it has not been released here as yet!

#9 Adriana on 06.30.09 at 2:46 pm

Ellington yeah, same here! Same about Hugh Grant also!! LOL!

I had a good time at the movies. Don’t want to give away spoilers or an opinion since you ladies haven’t seen the movie yet. I can say though that Audrey Tautou was the best part of the movie? But you know what: at the end I felt a bit of an urge coming up to applaud: for the one and only Coco Chanel. I could just hold that back.
I’ve a mini-version of the original poster. It’s not banned here. I’m curious how it is in the US and Canada. Let me know?

#10 laura on 08.01.09 at 2:05 pm

she is a really good choice!!
love her!!!
omg emma would ruin everything…i can’t stand her…and she is just too young and well…she is absolutely boring!!
keira rocks!!!x33

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