Guns’n’Roses You Could Be Mine

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Terminators and Guns’n’Roses is a classic love affair. My rock’n’roll self came to light this week and claimed its toll. Given that Terminators seem to be in fashion these days, I’m gracefully breaking some serious vintage today.

Thank you for this wonderful week, for your great comments! As I’m sure it will be a pleasure, I invite our friend, Adriana, to tell us a bit about this song and GnR! This is my kind of vintage! Hope you’ll have the best weekend yet! Enjoy Guns’n’Roses You Could Be Mine! (…I’ll be back!)


#1 Adriana on 06.06.09 at 9:34 am

LOL! I just wanted to log off to go to town for a drink. This is a great start indeed hahaha….!!! Coincidentally I’ve watched Terminator2: Judgement Day (the F-best, sorry that’s Axl talk!) last night again. And still loved it. The best Terminator and back then so surprising because of the effects. So I’m not sure if I like the new one….

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a GnR fan and asked them to write a song for the movie. Plus he -as a fan- also wanted to appear in the video-clip. They got along very well.
OMG how hot Axl looked in his hey days….what a front man he was and “vintage” GnR will never ever be vintage to me. And don’t get started on his white knickers he could pull them off like no one else! Look at ad-campaigns today, male and female….
My then boyfriend was so much in love with Linda Hamilton and can you blame him? I could only smile and I almost wanted to attend the gym too!

It was a great pleasure to reply Kpriss! I’ll be back too and hasta la vista baby!

#2 Adriana on 06.07.09 at 12:09 pm

LOL! The name of the song is “You could be mine”!! I was in a hurry.
The one that has edited this video did really a great job my, my…it only shows when you take really notice…..
It shows also the first signs of the break-up. In the life-edited performances Izzy Stradlin is still in the band. At the end you see Dizzy Reed (keyboards), he still plays with the current “GnR”. There was still no replacement for another guitar player when they made this video. That would be sometime later Gilby Clarke.
Axl and Izzy are still friends though.

I´ve bought two great hats last Friday. A 20 year old cutie sold me the hats and he´s totally obsessed with the 80´s. All was 80´s in that shop. He was also a GnR fan due to his father. He wears his father´s clothes these days. We had a such a fun conversation.
But the best part are the Goorin Hats from that shop! My God, what a great hats they are. I´ve googled today about that brand. All I want now are more Goorin Hats. So well made and fits like a glove. Feels comfortable and the prices are really friendly for the great quality.
Goorin Hats rules!! I look like an idiot because I´ve one on my head because I´m deeply in love with my Goorin Hats!
I’ll be back in that shop tomorrow…..

#3 Adriana on 06.07.09 at 12:21 pm

I shouldn´t drink, not that I drink that much, not at all, but I´ve a kind of a hangover! Hides in shame….Kpriss, you only wrote the name of the song wrong n the article. Were you in a hurry girl? Even my lovely Goorin Hat cannot keep my brain together today…..

Ellington, I´ve an olive green (a bit like MObama´s and my gloves!) Goorin Hat on my head!

#4 Ellington on 06.07.09 at 3:33 pm

Hey your hat sounds tres nifty! : )

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