Eres Lara 2009

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Eres lingerie got Lara Stone for their next ad campaign. Because she’s so high on the fashion wave right now she even became the Kaiser’s muse, Lara Stone has to be the next supermodel.

Because everybody wants her there. Because everybody needs a new supermodel. Because everybody wants a more atypical beauty, liberated from that anorexia model myth, from the perfect-skeletron-corset.

Looking less angry than the usual Lara Stone, this Eres ad picture is simple, curly, sexy. Will she represent Eres at the point of actually selling more lingerie items, you tell me! (photos via 1, 2)

Lara Stone Eres Lingerie 2009

Lara Stone Eres Lingerie ad campaign

Lara Stone Eres lingerie ad 2009

Lara Stone Eres Campaign ad 1

Lara Stone Eres Campaign ad 2

Lara Stone Eres Campaign ad 3

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