Eva Longoria’s Atelier Versace For Cannes 2009

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…was one of the most amazing dresses I’ve ever seen on the Red Carpet! I checked and doublechecked Imdb’s Bright Star cast and haven’t seen her name on the cast list, so I’m forced to conclude that the only reason Eva Longoria was there (for the Bright Star screening) was to throw this Atelier Versace number right in our faces!

And what an incredible number that was! Glittery grey (weighting a ton because of all that fabric that went into it) the Atelier Versace dress she had on would’ve been the dream of any princess of any fairytale, let alone the outmost Glam of Cannes 2009. I know I said so much about the dress but so little about Eva: that’s because I believe a dress like that would’ve looked better on a taller princess. What say you? (more pictures after the jump!) (photos via)

Eva Longoria Atelier Versace dress Cannes 2009

Eva Longoria Versace dress Cannes 2009

Eva Longoria Parker Versace dress Cannes 2009 Eva Longoria Atelier Versace dress Cannes 09 Eva Longoria Atelier Versace Cannes 2009


#1 cherrypie on 05.19.09 at 9:18 am

i agree, it looks too heavy and bulky on her! i LOOVE the color and the shape, and i love eva too, but it kinda drags her down and makes her look even shorter than she already is.

and, i just realized the bottom part of the dress looks SO thick that it kinda looks like my quilt, and that’s not a good thing.

#2 Daydreamer on 05.19.09 at 5:20 pm

Wow, I love it at all. I so love Eva. But now I am wondering which girl is going to be in there instead of Eva.

#3 Ellington on 05.21.09 at 9:18 pm

That is a stunner of a dress. Eva looks cute but it would have looked absolutely stellar on some one a tad taller.

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