Blossoming, Blooming, Blogaround!

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Then came spring and all blossomed and bloomed and the Internet news-worthy places open up under our emerveilles eyes. Today is one of those magic days when I’ll take you to happy places where everything is just blossoming and blooming! Let’s go Theme-Blogaround!

Where all life starts. Nigel Barker’s Blossoming Pregnant beauties need no judging…

Carla Gugino red dress

What’s green, looks like a leaf and you can walk on? A pair of Miu Miu pumps! Green with envy?

The chirping birds turned into precious glassware. For delicate hands only!

Everybody’s favorite chef, Jamie Oliver, got the season’s vibe: he named his daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow! Talk about spring!

Talk about cooking – our alltime fav model-turned-star-designer, Kate Moss’ ever blossoming talent pushed her to write a cookbook! Is that supposed to say that models eat? Or cook? hmm…

Tired of the classics? Meet the Little Red Riding Blooming Hood, Carla Gugino!

Blooming and growing on us are the denim jackets! Isn’t it great to re-spring those oldies and goldies?

The Twilight madness is undoubtedly the blossoming trend this year! Meet the Zombie heels! (don’t try this at home!)

Feel a blossoming shopping impulse? You might want to check out some Style-Shopping buds from the old but oh-so-fashionable London! (photo via fwd)


#1 Adriana on 04.07.09 at 7:13 am

Hmm, with a nice cup of coffee next to my laptop let’s do this blogaround…..

That’s ANTM’s Nigel Barker? Is he still so cute? I’ve only watched the first and a bit of the second serie. These photos are really cute.

I’m not green with envy at the Miu-Miu shoes. I love the colour a lot but that’s about it…

Ah, I’m green with envy for these glassware chirping birds! Beautiful. I love pretty glass home decorations or houseware stuff.

Am I able to sit now and then in that gorgeous red little riding hood dress without ruin it? I love to iron with music on and sing along but this is too much, even for me….

Ah, spring….Petal Blossom Rainbow? Celebritism has become a kind of mental confusion I suppose?

And Kate goes domestic? Is that a good sign for Lila Grace’s tender childhood years? Let’s hope so. At least the girl has not a silly celebritism name!

Yes, my two old denim jackets are ready-to-wear-again this year. These are both early 90’s. So I’ve made all those years a fashion faux pas? Oh dear, because I’ve wore them every year since then! LOL! I’m a real fashionista this season. What a relieve!

Ah, theres deka! I’ve replied yet on the Zombie Shoes! Must be fun to walk around on these at the AFFF. So suitable. Where can I get these??

Yes, I feel a seriously spring blossom shopping mood! I’ve to take care.
Hapsical has a great blog. Very informative and divers.
I really like the transparent bags.

That was it? Well this was a great blogaround. I’ve enjoyed myself a lot. Thanks Kpriss.

#2 Ellington on 04.08.09 at 11:34 am

I love Nigel Barker and I like the photos he did of the ladies with child. Pregnancy can be very beautiful.

The mui mui shoes are cute and I really love them and they are in my favourite colour green.

The red of Carla Gugino’s dress is beautiful, and the dress looks lovely on her but the back of it is rather alarming and it reminds me of a growth which is not a pleasant image in my mind.

The bird glass wear is charming and whimsical and I love things like that. They have such a sense of fun.

Denim jackets are great, I have a few and love pairing them with dresses and skirts.

Hapsical’s Blog is interesting, and there are some nifty items posted, but does more than one person run it? I ask because ‘they’ write “we” and that’s fine if there is more than one person but if its just one person who writes this blog then that is just to twee and pretentious for me to read on a daily basis.

Jamie named his newest daughter that… Of course he did.

When does Kate Moss find time to cook? I have a hard time believing that she finds time to eat.

The Zombie shoes are alarming.

Thanks for this collection of interesting items Kpriss! : )

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