Blogaround(er cover)

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You know that you’ll be having a serious blast around the fashblogosphere when the Blogaround time comes! Long awaited and highly selected, this Blogaround profile lies under the appearance. Let’s go beyond skin-deep!

Working our way up, you’d never believe what people can call boots!(that puts Posh’s Antonio Berardi in a completely modest light! And if you’re looking for more, get in the line for an undercover session of shoe psychology)

But when this a fashion shoot for a Spring Summer collection looks like a daily updated amateur style blog, everything is blog-possible!

…even doodling your way through a Fall/Winter lookbook!

Duck Lamp

Oh and if you were getting summer ready, don’t even think that sandals are easy to wear! It’s just a tricky appearance!

Move up, up and away, just close your eyes and sip on the No 5! Think beyond perfume – think No 5 Champagne Cocktail!

…and don’t think you’re the only shallow-one! Everybody hides and dissimulates! Don’t believe me? Just believe the new undercover trend making women fall with millions for self-helping books, oasis of novelistics explanatoriums, DIY life-guides while officially dissing self-help books and films!

But let’s get back to the clothes business and going undercover: if you need more to believe it’s a trend, just take a look at our daily trendsetter extraordinaire, Victoria Beckham, a plastic (surgery) mannequin undercover!

..talking about mannequins and boutiques – you’d think shopping is just that? Would you believe that’s actually fitness? We’re all just abs-fanatics after all!

There’s a good story behind every body success! And bad stories too!

But switching back to clothes – don’t you just love a dose of celeb style undercover? Especially if you find the right pieces to the celeb outfit puzzle and don’t break the bank to get it all!

I couldn’t have left the interior decoration part out, now could I? What you may believe is a lamp because it starts like a lamp could really be a hasty conclusion based on the undercover hypothesis we have been debating here!


#1 deka on 06.11.09 at 8:36 am

glad you like(?) the lamp :)

#2 Sal on 06.11.09 at 9:11 am

Hurrah! Thanks for the shout-out, beautiful!

#3 Adriana on 06.12.09 at 9:14 am

Fun blogaround. OMG that lamp is heinous! As are the torture sandals.
The mystery about Sal’s blog remains her at my desk. First I got the page and could even scroll so happy me thought my problem was solved. I clicked to go to the homepage and got the same message I’d complain about….and now I tried it again and Sal’s page in this blogaround was blank this time…..I never reply but I just love to read that blog……grrrr…..I would like to yell “Hurrah” too if I only knew how to resolve this….

#4 Sarah Farrukh on 02.12.11 at 2:57 am

oh Amazing and Cool :)

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