Fashion Tales Of The Unexpected!

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So every now and then I used to make this Blogaround stories, my way. No randomness, no accident. Everything was sewn together like a big web, my blogaround web.

I’m taking that road again, hoping you’ll enjoy this hump day blogaround story. “like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get next!”

Piper Heidsieck Christian Louboutin rituel shoes

If you think fashion and style is everything about how to change yourself, reshape your body and reprocess your synapses, get ready for a twist, get ready for a quiet revolution!

Consider that a new study concluded that more than a third from the participant female population is ready to suffer and wear uncomfortable shoes as long as they’re fashionable. Say whaaat? Where’s that revolution list, now?

Just look at the fashion world now! (glass) Shoes to drink champagne from?

fashion castings out of this world?

uber cool, uber trendy, uber fashionable dressing to the nines fashion editors wearing clothes just like us (and shopping chez Zara and Topshop) when there’s nobody around?

With all that happening, I can understand David Bowie turning into a lego figure and singing in a Lego Rock Band!

I can even understand a homeless guy singing words of infinite wisdom!

But please, allow me to forget all this fakeness and shallowness, let me quietly prepare for my quiet revolution, in Crescendo!

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#1 Adriana on 10.08.09 at 6:18 am

Bless you Sal and your quiet revolution! I join you and tries to be quiet. :)

Nope! I don’t wear uncomfortable shoes for the sake of being fashionable. I’ve joined the quiet revolution since forever. There are actually comfortable heels.
(Argh, anyone seen McQueen’s sadistic-ready-to-wear-shoes? Ugh…sorry, I believe I’m not good at quiet revolutions, but I try to be… :D)

Oh boy, I hope that cap can conquer the rain when the “guy walks his dog”. Where have the girls gone who wanted to be a nurse or a “glamorous” air hostess? Or is that the same thing as “being a dog”? Really funny!

The recession has brought us some normality back which I like despite times are hard….I love to play lego with David Bowie but my heart was touched the most in this great blog-around by the homeless guy’s song and the wonderful Crescendo sur Redingote….

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