Midweek Odd’Around

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I thought it would be a nice way to pump up the dynamics of this day: happening around in fashion and the world (in very, very short and mostly very, very odd).

Kate Moss was supposed to have an exposition coming in Paris. Because we weren’t quite au courant with anything and everything Kate from her twenty something years in fashion, photos and ad campaigns with her face on should have been gracing the Musée des Arts Déco de Paris. The project was, however, canceled. Why would that be?

If you’re trying to make your way in the fashion industry, then you’ll know that an internship is the way to start building your success. Especially chez Vogue. Here’s the good news: you can internship your way in Anna Wintour’s offices by placing a bid. (it’s a charity auction and the bidding starts at $1,000).

Talking about auctions: Marylin Monroe’s chest X-ray from 1952 will be available for auction. Weird much?

The face-covering burqa doesn’t seem to be sanctioned by the Quran. Make way for the controversy!

Swimsuits 2010

Agyness Deyn is going for a (much) shorter do. Heidi Klum’s undo now looks like an academic blow.

Behind closed doors: how to revamp your wardrobe, the budget friendly ways.

…while re-trending your shoes, avoid moustache-y clogs, even if they’re Louis Vuitton!

oddness aside, did you know April was National Poetry Month?

How about a book? Alice in Wonderland on iPad? Really, trust me, you have to see it, it’s truly wonderland-ish!

Errr. What? You’re getting ready for the beach season? Well, don’t forget the swimsuits you have to forget about!

And since it’s hair-week around here, here’s the latest: hairdos that’ll make you look younger.


#1 Adriana on 04.15.10 at 6:25 am

The head-scarf isn’t sanctioned by the Quran either. It’s a choice and often not really a choice by the women themselves. In my country is the controversy the talk of the day. (Parliament elections inside…….) Is a woman who wears the head scarf allowed to work in public services is the question? Ja ja….it’s a big thing here. I say: yes. I’m fine with it. To be honest it took me some time to accept it. It’s not a fashion it’s about religion. I don´t want to have that pushed in face. But one get used to it. I met so often the nicest girls and (young) women with head-scarfs and there are so many muslims here and they don´t go away anymore so what can we do? Begin a civil war or accept it? But never ever the burqa!! Not even in the streets!! That´s women torture and oppression and that’s all I’ve to say about the burqa.

#2 Adriana on 04.15.10 at 6:39 am

I love the blog arounds. Ugly LV moustache shoes, yuk! Indeed weird that an X-ray of MM’s chest is on auction but ala for the collectors joy? Not weird is that an exhibition of Kate Moss photos is cancelled. We see her still on a daily basis maybe in 25 years when we look back on icons of this time it’s a better moment? Don’t like Agyness new hairdo much.
So April is poetry month? Never knew that. My birthday is also Earth Day, I love that. I would like to get that iPad with Alice as a gift! Right, as if the child awakes, what a nice toy to play with. Will the day come we really skip the books?

#3 kpriss on 04.15.10 at 6:45 am

I have no idea. Actually I heard that theory of loving to hold a book and the feeling of a book in your hands completely erased by the Kindle that I genuinely think iPad will be serious competition for the Kindle king.

oooh! We’ll be soon singing you a big, warm, happy Happy Birthday, then! :*

That’s what I thought.. But maybe the French understand something else by “exposition” than we, overfed with Kate La Moss, understand exhibition. Enfin

Ohhh, I’m trying so hard to stay away from that Burqa madness! Really, don’t get me started! Like you say, I don’t want to upset the Gods…

#4 Adriana on 04.15.10 at 8:06 am

Kpriss, as so often and so typical me I’m not finished about the burqa due to your reply…..I don’t think we upset the Gods at all. Gods loves every creature equally as is written. Let’s not upset people who interpret the love of the Gods in a way to benefit themselves or otherwise.
Or is this upsetting enough?

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