2,009 Peacock Feathers Wedding Dress

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While we were busy contemplating the world’s longest wedding train dress, a wedding dress made of peacock feathers was presented to the public in China, at the Nanjing wedding expo.

It may not be the longest, but surely is one of the most impressive wedding dresses. With its 2,009 peacock feathers taking 8 months to finish, this peacock sensation costs $1,5 Million. If only SJP had word about this before choosing Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood bride gown sensation! (FWD)

Peacock feathers wedding dress China


#1 deka on 04.17.09 at 9:19 am

it’s beautiful but seems cumbersome

#2 Ellington on 04.17.09 at 9:58 am

Well that is a fitting tribute to the greek goddess Hera who was the goddess of marriage and the peacock was her symbolic animal.
I could see this being on display in a textile museum. : )

#3 Sal on 04.17.09 at 10:11 am


#4 Adriana on 04.17.09 at 1:56 pm


#5 Syd on 09.09.09 at 9:35 am

it looks freaky….how many peakcocks did they have to pluck…uncertain to praise about this photo :-(

#6 Jerica on 03.23.10 at 2:19 pm

You know, animals are meant to be cared for and looked at not WORN.

#7 khushi on 05.02.10 at 1:12 pm

I agree with above comments…i know peacock feather are very attractive and beautifull, but they are also living being. you should not have used peacock feathers to make a dress instead create a print that would look like peacock feathers. I know the repose will be no the peacock were not kill and feathers were not teared out of there body…they had losed them by them self…but i am 100% sure that this is not the case ! with the increase in the demand of peacock feathers, there have being increase in death rate of peacocks because when people try to get feathers from them, most of the time they are killed :(….so sad but nobody cares right ? but people we need to think about it, other wise there will not be any to see :(

#8 Andrew on 05.16.10 at 5:49 pm

khushi you need help

#9 Khushi on 05.16.10 at 7:25 pm

i know that was to much…just noticed now

#10 Andrew on 05.20.10 at 8:07 am

the more people want the feathers the more peacocks there will be. People will hatch them it all works out trust me. If they where wild and a hand full left i would agree but people have farms of these.

#11 Quamela Rice on 07.16.10 at 12:19 pm

Now the rest of the story:

Male peacocks mate in the spring. Afterwards, over the course of several months, they drop their plumes, so that new ones can grow back in.
We can accept their beautiful gifts they shed, and recycle them into art, such as flower arrangements, or in this case a beautiful wedding gown adorned with “all natural” ” recycled” peacock feathers.
My cudos to the chinese designer for the most natural, and imaginative wedding gown of the decade. Quamela

#12 Marie on 08.12.10 at 1:21 pm

Peacocks shed their feathers annually. The feathers are then picked up off the ground and recycled for ornamentation.

#13 zaiga on 09.08.10 at 4:27 am

P.S. IF THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO USE PEACOCK FEATHERS WHY PEOPLE USE COTTON AND SILK, OR WOOL – THESE MATERIALS ARE MADE FROM NATURE AS WELL. so, I think that all the natural resources what is renowened is good to try to design.

#14 Quamela on 09.14.10 at 3:23 pm

All winged beings molt and loose their feathers, so that new ones can grow back in.
This is the design of The Creator or mother nature, as some may refer to the process.
Just as humans shed their hair folicals for regrowth.
To contend with this notion that peacocks were slaughtered by their owners to obtain these feathers, would be the equivalent mindset… that a chicken farmer would kill all their hens to obtain whatever eggs exist inside their bodies for that day.
But there is a wise old saying:
” never argue with a fool, lest others may not distinguish you from them.”


#15 Loretta D. on 09.27.10 at 11:02 am

I see your point Quamela. Yes, the chickens that produce eggs are not slaughtered to obtain eggs inside the hen. They will be destroyed however at approximately one year of age when they begin producing eggs at a slower rate. Not to mention, male chicks are separated from females when born and destroyed immediately after being brought into this world for your “slaughter free” eggs. Fortunetly you are correct the peacocks were not slaughtered for this dress, but who is to say if they live without suffering and sadness. My suggestion is to research and possibly rethinking your above statement, and your view on modern farming especially egg farming. Next time you make a comparison, check your facts first.
Nice quote BTW “Never argue with a fool, lest others may not distinguish you from them.” ; )

#16 Kushi on 09.29.10 at 6:38 am

nice one Loretta

#17 Quamela on 09.29.10 at 11:19 am


Since I introduced chickens as an example, I will address your statement about male chickens being separated from the females at birth.
I’m certain you meant to use the term ” hatched” rather than born. All winged beings hatch from eggs. But I’m sure that was just an oversight on your part.
So you are informing me that as soon as the chicks hatch someone comes in and supresses the males? why????? how does that profit any chicken farmer? They would be ignorant to do that that. Because it would cut into the profit margin.
And if they are poultry farmers, how do they get their hens to lay eggs without a rooster? Are they artificially inseminating them one at a time with rooster jizm? wow! did not know this was ever possible. Bet that stuff costs a lot.Thank heavens I dont have the job of collecting from some hateful roosters. I’m surely glad that I am not the chic who has to hold that hen down for that either..if that is the way you mean its done.

But my even bigger question here is how in this world can they tell the males from the females after hatching?
Do you mean they call in an avarian vet to identify the gender the bird? Even if that is so it must be outrageously costly.
Vet bills are giving me a beating as it is.
Or are you informing me that scientist have come up with a machine that can distinguish the males from the females before they are around a year old? I know they cant draw blood to find out..losing even a couple of drops of blood would kill a chick.
If either is the case please let me know how it is done.
Just out of curiosity of course. I know I could not afford to pay some averian vet. to come over and identify the gender of the peachicks before they are a year old nor my cocatiels.
But I would like for you to tell me the process if you dont mind.
Growing up on a farm has evidently side stepped me from this new way of doing things on farms you speak of. Note too that my response is not an argument. I am just simply amazed that you know of a way to tell the difference in a winged being as soon as it hatches..and I dont.
Thank you in advance for your knowledge to this poor farm girl , who evidently missed the boat by not growing up in the city. I just wish Jerry was still alive to learn of what you know. Jerry Garcia that is. But at least I can tell my husband Tony Rice, and Zac Brown will be just as curious to hear the info. Heck for matter I should say everyone in the music business who grew up on farms, and the world wants to learn what you have to tell us.
Respectfully, Quamela Rice

#18 Quamela on 09.29.10 at 11:37 am


I meant to ask Loretta how a poultry farmer gets his hens to lay fertalized eggs without a rooster.? So that more chicks can be hatched Q.

#19 Adriana on 09.30.10 at 6:43 am

Thanks for all the info. I don’t like that dress anymore…..we angered Mother Nature enough as she shows us more and more…..
Didn’t poor Jerry die because of abuse of certain substances?

#20 bia on 02.04.11 at 7:09 am

poor peacocks! urgh!

#21 ankit on 02.13.11 at 7:45 am

plucking off such a huge number of feathers from peacocks and using them to design a gown is a very annoying thing .I would like to pluck each and every single hair from his or her body.

#22 Quamela on 02.13.11 at 4:44 pm

I guess this is just more evidence that ” you cant fix stupid”.
Does the word *MOLT ring any bells to any of you concrete dwellers?
Probably not, if you are determined to keep your mind that closed to the workings of nature.
And I could most likely, teach an alligator to fetch news papers, faster than I could enlighten some of you about raising peacocks or any other winged being for that matter.

#23 Heboni on 04.01.11 at 10:05 pm

Just a note… hens can lay eggs without a rooster’s help. Those eggs you eat? They’re unfertilized. Roosters are only needed to fertilize eggs when more hens are needed (as in, more babies). For that, you don’t need many roosters, which is why baby roosters are disposed of – they make no profit. Only the hens are needed to lay eggs.

As for se*ing the babies, there are people that know how to do that without an ornithological expert.

Anyway, back to the dress. It is gorgeous, but looks pretty heavy!

#24 lisa on 04.04.11 at 10:04 am

i totally don’t like the dress out of peacocks

like when are people gonna think about the animals.

if you want to help the animals then think of something.

we are only making it worse for the animals.

#25 MarieSali on 05.12.11 at 9:30 pm

My parents owned quite a few peacocks and as a result I grew up around them, quite obviously they will molt once a year shedding their feathers but it is a tiresome prospect to run around gathering them up, not to mention the damage that can be done by running through bushes and over rocks. That being said, a male peacock can drop its tail if feeling threatened (much like an iguana can drop its tail with no harm to itself) so its likley the feather removal process was mildly irritating but not a catastrophic event for the peacocks. I think its an amazing dress, one i could never afford, but amazing none the less.

#26 kpriss on 05.12.11 at 11:20 pm

Thank you MarieSali for such an amazing breakthrough! I had no idea the male peacock could drop its tail! It’s amazing what Mother Nature cooked, really!

#27 MarieSali on 05.14.11 at 8:27 pm

indeed, much too many things for any one person to ever learn! Then again, thats the best part isnt it?!

#28 kpriss on 05.15.11 at 1:14 pm

It’s priceless! It’s fascinating to learn about things like that! thanks again MarieSali!

#29 Pari on 06.30.11 at 1:16 am

where is PETA??

#30 Marie on 06.30.11 at 8:45 am

Birds, including peacocks “molt”. Peacocks “shed” their feathers annually. This shedding of feathers is completely natural and in no way hurts the bird, it happens without intervention by humans. Peacocks then grow new feathers, which are again, the following year, shed.

#31 Leanne on 08.08.11 at 9:26 am

i know that your all worried about the peacocks but to be honest the photo is there to show a gorgeous dress and you should be commenting on that no how sad it is that peacocks feathers are used on it!!! just focus on the DRESS!!!

#32 Leanne on 08.08.11 at 9:29 am

by the way that dress is absolutely amazing !!

#33 Wow on 09.15.12 at 1:18 pm

Animals are ment to be eaten , but the way you go about it is the humane part , use all of the animal for clothing , eating , even shelter . We have been living off animals from the beginning of time , I understand that killing animals for sport , or to keep up with the newest fur trend or what ever animal part is in style at the moment is wrong , but hunting to feed and clothe your family , or even a village is justifiable in my opinion . If the animal skin is harvested naturally ( died naturally , or killed for the meat ) then I think that it is ok.
We should all take a lesson from the Native Americans on the respect they have for the land and everything that shares it.

#34 Kayla on 10.09.12 at 11:34 am

I honestly don’t like the dress. I think it’s heavy and dark and not fitting for a wedding. I don’t really like peacock feathers as ornaments. Not my style at all.

#35 Cory on 10.09.12 at 11:35 am

The thing looks like a freaking carpet. Just because something is unusual doesn’t make it attractive.

#36 sarah on 11.01.12 at 9:49 pm

I think it looks cute,beautiful.
i hope that you can make it next year also you shouldn’t use animal
especially peacock.

#37 kp on 07.06.13 at 11:07 pm

The designer is horrible! I would never buy anything animal products

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