Play Some Hermès Cards!

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Is this the new It luxury and fashion standard for 2009? Playing the luxury cards game? Because it seems every respected brand out there stars the fashion cards game!

We’ve seen Louis Vuitton, even admired Bruno Frisoni, now let’s see the Hermès winning hand! (the story continues right after the jump!)

Hermes playing cards

But wait, Hermès didn’t bid it all on the cards (you can have them for only $80)! The very exquisite Hermès Cards Holder with the H logo could be yours for the fair price of $500! Which one of the luxury cards decks do you prefer? (LV, Roger Vivier or Hermès) (Hermes)

Hermes cards holder

UPDATE: As the years went by, the success and appeal of Hermes beyond the fashion boundaries of the label was so clear and left no choice but to expand into its newly found territories. Thusly, the Hermes Playing Cards collection became richer and richer.

Hermes Tarot playing cards

Now you can find Hermes Parade Tarot Cards ($85), Hermes Mythes et Constellations Cards ($125) which encompasses seven families with each seven members. A quintessential family cards game allowing the players to reconstruct their families by exchanging cards with the other participants: first to complete the family is the winner.

Hermes playing cards Family Game

The original set of cards is now filed under ‘Poker Cards’ and comes with equally silver edges, just like the other packs and a $100 price tag (set of two decks). Now there’s also a Hermes Elements Poker Box available with 300 colorful poker chips engraved with Hermes emblems in a matte grey box for only $7,000.

Hermes poker playing cards poker chips

Accostage is a set of Hermes bridge playing cards which retails for $95 and can also be completed with a Mises et Relances, a Bridge mat made of 100%wool ($415 a square of 30”x30”).

Hermes bridge playing cards bridge mat

The Hermes leather playing cards holder is now $680 and is available in three different leather colors. Also joined by a vertical design holder with nickelled buttons (comes with a standard playing cards deck ‘les 4 Mondes’ for $510).

Hermes playing cards leather pouch

Hermes leather cards holder


#1 Ellington on 03.23.09 at 3:51 pm

I prefer the other decks that you have shown. This one is kind of boring looking and I would never pay $500.00 for a card case.

#2 pashmina on 12.02.10 at 10:31 am

I guess that’s the definition of a luxury brand, charging $80 for cards that should sell for $1. They should stick to making scarves!

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