Let’s Play Some Louis Vuitton Cards!

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There’s nothing stopping the designers to brand all over the place. I honestly believe this to be more disgraceful than graffiti tags! At least for those you don’t have to pay a dime!

So here comes the glorious Louis Vuitton Card Deck Set (costing only $105)! I’m not a player myself so I wouldn’t have place or purpose for such a Louis Vuitton possession in my house. But mind those men!

Louis Vuitton card deck set chocolate brown You never know when your uberchic man is going for a poker party with a Louis Vuitton winning hand! I guess Kanye lost his chance to make that designer step! You can still work it Kanye, I trust you’ll find something more worthy to design chez LV to justify your Martin “Louis” The King Jr. new name!

(Ah, yes, in case you were wondering, the Louis really comes from his sneakers collection for LV!) Let’s play that game, shall we? What’s the next perfect candidate product for a proper designer tagging? (via)


#1 Hapsical London Fashion Blog on 01.29.09 at 2:25 pm

They could have been more original.. Prada and Hermès have already done playing cards! Is three a crowd?

#2 Ellington on 01.30.09 at 12:11 pm

Ah playing cards! : (
I though it was a lovely box of chocolate!

#3 Adriana on 01.31.09 at 11:49 am

NAY! Stop the “labelisation” (if that’s an english word…?)!!

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