La Perla Spring Summer 2009 Prêt-à-Porter Collection

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Since I talked about La Perla earlier, I thought I’d give you the reason I like it so much. So I searched (and found) the latest collection signed by La Perla: Spring Summer 2009, Prêt-à-Porter.

It’s the wearability, the distinctness, the simplicity that continues to amaze me chez La Perla. Their clothing collection follows the simple rules of attraction they use to create the lingerie. (don’t miss the short story and the images from La Perla right after the jump)

There’s nothing too complicated about the models. It’s all about how they mix and match, how they play with colors and textures adding just a little extra with a sequin there, embroidery here.

At first, there was Ada Masotti’s little corsetry laboratory, Bologna Italy (1954). Even if it was a small business, their leadership in the underwear and swimwear markets was undeniable. Few years later (the 60s), Ada’s son, Alberto Masotti, a Medicine graduate, decided to go 100% in the family’s business and his wife Olga was the first stylist of the swimwear fashion line.

La Perla Spring Summer 09 1

Today, Olga Masotti is the Supervisor of the Prêt-à-Porter collection, her daughter, Anna Masotti is La Perla’s Communication Manager. The successful family affair has teamed up with JH partners (2007), an US based company (focused on building long term equity value in consumer and marketing-driven growth companies, working also with Design Within Reach, GoSmile or Kate Somerville).

Over 50 years or experience feminine, simple design kept in the family. La Perla still goes strong in the fashion industry (you can see more about La Perla on their website) (photos via)

La Perla Spring Summer 09 2


#1 Ellington on 02.07.09 at 6:04 pm

Its all so pretty and feminine. I really like the dresses. :)

#2 Amelia on 02.09.09 at 9:04 pm

Yup, it is all the ladies favorite,I think.

#3 kpriss on 02.15.09 at 3:10 pm

I could wear one of those any day! It’s like they own some secret science of making irresistible dresses!

#4 danae on 07.08.11 at 4:08 pm

…what happened to this wonderful clothing brand? Why don’t they seem to produce this absolute timeless elegant style? I would love to buy any of those clothes… finally something to wear as a woman – absolutely sophisticated!

Thanks for keeping the video – for 2009 — it looks so timeless, so irresistible…

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