Burberry Spring Summer 2009 Ad Campaign

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Just when I’m having a plaid overload and I say to myself Burberry must really be in trouble for the next season, something else pops and makes me fall all over in love with good ol’ Burberry!

Their Spring Summer 2009 Ad Campaign really looks beautiful and I like those clothes so much, I don’t understand how I haven’t seen it coming! I already bought a pair of those skinny-flared dark denim jeans and I concluded nobody can make me wear another cut of jeans, they simply look the best (especially on me! So thank you, my adored husband for buying them for me! Oh, yes, he found them and said “look, here’s a jean that was made for you!” and right he was!). I love a good cut trench so that increases the likeness factor too! Not to mention the gardener bag… Simply beautiful! So, how’s the upcoming Burberry season to you? (more after the jump) (photos via tfs)

Burberry Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign 3

Burberry Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign 1

Burberry Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign 2


#1 Adriana on 12.30.08 at 5:18 pm

For sure a lovely ad campaign. Great clothes and the green house makes me want to go to the English country side.
Great trenches only Burberry has. I wish…I wish…

And oh lucky you Kpriss your dear husband bought you the jeans you desired! So no jeans-hunting for you anymore….pfff…I go next week hunting, I really ‘hate’ buying new jeans and try them all out. I want also dark wide flaired ones. Yes, they look good on our skinny frames.

#2 Ellington on 12.30.08 at 6:22 pm

Nice photos, nice layout, nice setting, nice clothes. Its all good.

#3 Dolly Bird on 12.31.08 at 12:45 am

No flared jeans for me please! Not my style but these ads are indeed pretty and the clothes look like what I normally wear . As a wanabe Sloane Ranger LOL.
I love everything about Burberry.Its an institution.Hope production stays in British.I’ve heard the nasty rumeurs.

#4 Adriana on 12.31.08 at 9:25 am

Burberry has closed some years ago a factory in Wales. Despite what they did to beautiful but poor unemployed Wales. Because it was cheaper to brought the production to foreign countries where they have to pay less to their employees…..so I’d better not wish for anything Burberry….we all know why that kind of production is cheaper…
So they lost their credibility as a British Institution at the time. There was a lot off buzz around it back then. I’ve forgotten about that Dolly Bird! Ouch…

#5 Hapsical London Fashion Blog on 12.31.08 at 10:25 am

I really don’t like green much, so i find these ads quite visually unappealing, but Burberry’s clothes do seem to get stronger season after season.

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