More Sneaker Fruits – Nike Women’s Cherry Dunk

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We’ve seen sneakers making the top ranks of praised fashion trends for two years already! Well, for the next Summer, there’s the same sure trend in the air – fruity shoes. Fruity Sneakers. After seeing that Vans Watermelon, now I’m coming with a Blue Nike Cherry! How about that?

However, each and every time I see a Cherry print like this one, it reminds me of that Cherry Louis Vuitton series. And even if these Nike Cherry Dunk look pretty adorable, I still have my heart set on the Watermelon Vans. How about you? Which one would you choose? (via)

Nike Cherry Dunk high sneaker


#1 Adriana on 12.30.08 at 5:22 pm

The Watermelon Vans! Period. They are more subtle for me. These ones are bit too much or for teens and kids to me.

#2 Adriana on 12.30.08 at 5:27 pm

In my time-zone the last day of the year has began. I go to sleep. Hopefully long.

Kpriss & co, girls, I hope you all have the company you desire to end and start a new year with.
I wish everyone love, good luck, good health and strenght.
This was for me personal a very bumpy year and Stylefrizz has been a warm and good place for me to visit. Thank you all.

Adriana xxx

#3 Ellington on 12.30.08 at 6:28 pm

Happy 2009 to you Adriana, Kpriss,
Dolly Bird et al!
I hope that its a stellar one for everyone!
Ellington : )

Oh and I still prefer the low cut slip on watermelon Vans .
The Nike cherry ones alarm me and not in a good way.

#4 Dolly Bird on 12.31.08 at 12:53 am

Yes we’re hanging on to the last few hours of 2008 so thank yall for the wishes. Oh dear I’m getting a little emotional here but I’ve had such a fun year here on Stylefrizz.If I had a dime for everytime I giggled and gasped here I’d be able to buy for kpriss that Diesel/Fiat car!Keep up the good work sweetie and see you all next year!((Hugs)) to everyone from Dolly!
Oh about the cherry Nikes, I agree with Adriana.

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