Thursday’s Quick Blogaround

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Today’s blogaround is about pieces of heaven spread around the fashion blogosphere. Little things I came across and wanted to share with you.

It’s mostly about clothes. And accessories. About fashion and style. Carefully hand picked and thoughtfully selected, here it goes! (enjoy!) A cold weather schematic attire that you can bright up with a blue-sky scarf! (image via shesgotnothingtowear)

Blue scarf outfit she s got nothing to wear Or a pair of hot pants for a radical change of look?
Maybe you’re considering a mix and match with the latest Comme des Garçons brought to you by eBay?
Or carefully thrifted by you, following strict guidelines that you have to consider when you go goodies hunting!

No matter what you’ll wear (and where you buy it from), don’t forget to bring your big clutch with you, this season’s hotbag!
and maybe, for a rock and roll twist, some gorgeous pieces of jewelry!
That is, of course, if you’re not daydreaming about the perfect wedding dress, in which case, this tulle masterpiece must be your dreams becoming reality!

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#1 Adriana on 11.13.08 at 4:15 pm

A nice blogaround. LOL at Hapsical and her non Comme des Garçon adventure comfy in bed! Usually we see this madness in the news but apparantly the Netherlands had not that much interest in Rei or its that only five H&M shops had the collection and last night it was possible to order online which I forgot to check!!! Argghhh….
I’ve had read Sal’s tips for thrift shops yet. Great tips.

Every week I’m overwhelmed by the amount off blogs that are around. I’ve noticed there are some very creative and interesting ones around. Amazing! Very, very hard to keep up with them all….the ones I like besides StyleFrizz that is…

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