Accessories Blogaround!

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Today I’ll talk accessories. And because accessories are meant to spice up every outfit, no matter how dull, I thoroughly searched the internet up and down, from left to right and backwards and came up with these itsy bitsy pieces of charm: Enjoy this week’s Blogaround!

I start my days taking care of my family, between the kids and my dearest husband I don’t have time to face the mirror. However, when I do get there and it’s one of those hair rebellion days I look around for a hair-saver. Something to glamour up my hair, to sort the out the mess. When I came across the I thought it was something Heaven Sent! Take a look at the and judge for yourself!

Outfit choice taupe

And if you don’t like wearing feathers in your hair, you should consider a minor change! Feathers on your wrist! A feathered cuff like no other for your eyes’ inspiration!

…. Or maybe you should forget feathers and consider a colorful necklace?

Or simply leggings? Lace leggings?

Let’s change a bit the registry and slip into something comfortable. Black and beautiful, accessories included!

And a little something I fancy about for few days now – the over the knee boots! Now that’s a way to start building up your outfit! (you can see the gorgeous boots in the picture above)

And because it’s addictive and I have to share – a funny prettypoll for your eyes and mind delight! Join the haute fashion blogosphere into a body talk!

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