Tara Reid’s Mantra Collection

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So who else is on the celeb turned designer radar today? None the other than Tara Reid. Former actress now professional partygirl, 24/7 drunk, and liposuction fan. Now designer.

So, who wants to dress up like Tara and wear clothes with messages like “Catch me if you can” (oh, such a pity, I really loved that movie! Why all good things must turn to sticky dirty fingers sooner or later?) “Single and Ready to Mingle” . Of course she couldn’t have let herself exhausted by her newly discovered designer self and she went mostly for swimsuits. Ready to Mantra?

Tara Reid Mantra Collection

UPDATE: The first images have appeared: Tara Reid’s Mantra collection was in a Trade Show scooping for retailers interested in distributing her brand.(click thumbnails to see larger images)

Tara Reid Mantra Bikini Collection Mantra Tara Reid Collection Mantra By Tara Reid Bikini Collection
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Yawwwwwwnnnnn.Nothing personal kpriss.

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