Pop September 2008 Six Covers Issue

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This September Pop goes all Prada Nuns. Pictured by Sebastian Faena, the six covers take further notice of the new trend in fashion : color=beauty.

The obvious diversity of the six cover edition is somehow calmed down by the similar outfits and main theme of the shoot. Agyness pulls a very feminine pose and expression, blissfully different from her usual garçonne look. I’m a little unsure about Amber’s look. Her painful expression seems hypnotic and yet so sterile. Jourdan the Bat-Bride looks like a pinned butterfly. Naomi is getting ready for a brain surgery and Natalia already had hers, look at the bandages hanging over her head. Brrr! Oluchi? Like a transvestite salesman caught in the goldfever. In a word I feel a little distracted by the artsy feel of this Pop issue. How about a little help? What do you make of all this? (click pictures to see larger images)

Pop September 2008 Agyness Deyn

Pop September 2008 Amber Pop September 2008 Jourdan Pop September 2008 Naomi Campbell
Pop September 2008 Natalia Vodianova Pop September 2008 Oluchi
(photos via tfs)


#1 Adriana on 08.07.08 at 4:11 pm

I’m already tired of Prada’s lace. It such an overkill, its everywhere…..
Well, I thought Amber had the brain-surgery i.e. lobotomy, Naomi new hair-inplants, Natalia goes Amish, beautiful Jourdan as Frida Kahlo does the Flying Nun and Agyness as a the only ‘nun’ and she shows here she can do more poses than her usual pose…..oh yes, Oluchi? That’s a strict Jewish male look, so blasphemous? What to make of all the artsy-fashion shoots? New hype? New trend? None of these beauties looks beautiful, such a shame……

#2 Black Girls in Magazines: Oluchi & Naomi in pop « on 11.14.08 at 5:08 pm

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