I-D Jourdan Dunn In September 2008

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The To die For Issue features Jourdan Dunn on the cover. All that Vogue Italia wind surely stirred some waves on the fashion white sea. Either that or fashion is really on a serious black trend. Way to go!

She looks so pretty here that I could even forgive her bat-like pose from Pop early on. However, it’s getting dull to see the same Prada outfits for fashion spreads. Isn’t there anything else besides Miuccia’s catwalk work to show off? How do you feel about Jourdan’s cover? (click picture to see larger image)

Jourdan Dunn I D Magazine September 2008
(photo via models.com)


#1 Adriana on 08.07.08 at 3:52 pm

I totally love this cover. What a beautiful woman she is.

#2 Dolly Bird on 08.08.08 at 12:00 am

The thing about Jourdan is that even though her pictures are photoshopped (like everything these days) it doesn’t change her natural allure.Her skin tone gets played around with at times but her inner glow remains untouched.She’s taking her time but she’s on her way to supermodel status.Vogue/Italia and Prada have certainly played major roles in her proplulsion to being The model of the moment.

#3 Chic Noir on 08.08.08 at 1:08 pm

I can’t wait to buy this cover. Jourdan is so fierce.

#4 Ellington on 08.09.08 at 9:12 am

She is stunning! That’s a cover!

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