Guerlain Homme Perfume

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I usually don’t do men fragrances but this time it was different. I found the article about this exclusive Guerlain Homme and I couldn’t resist it. It was so glorifying and written in that impossible to overlook kiss blogosphere style that stole my eyes. Even if now I want my 2 minutes back, I’ll revenge the lost time by writing what was most important in that page and half article:

It’s about a Guerlain Pininfarina design and about a smell that’s meant to be calling out the animal lying in every man. Sounds more like a Werewolf story to me, but I hope it smells better than announced. It’s an herbal scent sprinkled with rum and rhubarb. What kind of perfume do you prefer for you man?

Guerlain Homme Perfume
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#1 Psumecha on 06.10.09 at 11:50 am

Hi!, el perfume o colonia que más me ha gustado es el de Guerlain de Guerlain para hombre por supuesto; no he podido encontrar por ningún lado acá en México, lo he buscado en muchos centros departamentales y nada, siempre tienen los clásicos de Guerlain pero el mejor para mí es el que yá les dije, por favor si es posible les encargo aunque sea una pieza de este gran perfume y me lo mandan al Sam´s de Culiacán, Sinaloa, México. Grácias de antemano.

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