Kate Moss Numéro Korea

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The first issue of Numéro Korea is a reprint of Numéro France 59 (which puts it three years back, in December 2004 – January 2005) starring Kate Moss dark feathered.

Ethically incorrect but aesthetically wonderful (graced by photoshop) this Kate Moss reprint cover for Numéro Korea is the work of Solve Sundsbo. What do you think? Was this a good choice? Kate Moss three years younger, reprinted, for the cover?

Kate Moss Numero Korea Reprint Numero France 59
(photos via tfs)


#1 simplymarie on 06.21.08 at 8:56 pm

be creative…..get your own cover

#2 Gabriel on 08.27.08 at 3:42 pm

This is not the real 1st Numéro Korea. this is a draft to show to the future target, advertisers, artists… what it s gonna look like. it was not suppose to be seen by the public. the real 1st is Sasha P by Sofia & Mauro for the Paris Issue

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