Alexander McQueen Puma Celula Sandal

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How about some sport shoes? Not the regular ones. One Puma sandal to keep wearing even with one elegant outfit.

I always wanted to wear things that could be elegant and casual if worn properly. I sure hope this sandal is as comfy as is pretty for a Puma-Alexander McQueen. Would you consider taking the chance and go walk the summer in Celula?

Puma Alexander McQueen Celula Sandal

McQueen and Puma have worked the Celula sandal in three different colors – patent black and grass green and gold. The strappy design make these sandals pretty original and distinguish them from the casual sporty uniformity that could infuse from a sportswear brand.

McQueen Puma sandals Celula green

The collaboration in itself is original and unexpected: a traditional German brand specialized in sport & lifestyle apparel building a capsule collection with a quintessentially British designer known for his off-norms perspectives but overwhelming talent. However, their ongoing collaboration is on its 3rd year already and they are part of the same fashion giant company, PPR (Francois-Henri Pinault’s French multinational brands conglomerate).

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McQueen Puma sandals Celula gold

I haven’t tried the Celula sandals myself so I could express a pertinent opinion based on wearing experience. However, I fully support and admire every piece spawned in the Alexander McQueen Puma collaboration!

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Oh yes!

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