Kenzo Vintage Unisex Perfume

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Kenzo celebrates the 20th anniversary of Kenzo Parfums and arrival of Kenzo Takada, the designer, on the Parisian scene.

In order to mark that special celebration, there will be a special perfume launch – Kenzo Vintage to remind everyone of the “live-and-let-live” flower power times. As powdery as any other Kenzo perfume, Kenzo Vintage is:

Kenzo Vintage Perfume

“a beautiful, abstract yet sensual fragrance and can be labeled as a soft woody oriental. It succeeds somehow in evoking a peaceful traditional Japanese home just barely emerging from the silence as the sound of footsteps is muffled by a floor covered with tatami on which walking can create a silky rustling sound. The smell of rice straw completes the impression.”

..wait, what?

Here, on Earth, we call this: mandarin, tonka bean, heliotrope flower, cedar wood, musk and vanilla notes all that available in a purple bottle with the peace symbol engraved on, costing $65.

Kenzo Vintage 4 Different packs

Given I was always a big fan of Kenzo fragrances, I’m curious to know how it smells because this review has done everything except describing the actual perfume! Does anyone speak “perfume-ish” to translate? Or, better, have you already tried Kenzo Vintage?
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#1 Linda on 05.17.08 at 5:42 pm

That’s an interesting bottle design. I’ve noticed that a lot of designers are using ‘gradients’ on their products such as clothing.

#2 Adriana on 05.18.08 at 8:33 am

I’ve never tried Kenzo perfume or others for quite some time now. My Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood do I use to make the house smell nice because I do not like it on me anymore. You’ve to use so less for some nice air around the house. Tired off all these fragrances I suppose. Especially when there are a few women around whom does not know how to use the right dosis….
I’m back to the scent of a human being. A well groomed human being of course! But a great scent nice is still tempting and can be so calming down or lift you up at times. That’s why I do use now -on special occassions- a great and often too expensive body-lotion which is so far more subtle and as a bonus the clothes you wear pick up the scent too!
An old time fave was Ysatis by Givenchy a.o. Or just Chanel 5 body-lotion and the soap. Does this soap still exists?

Carried away as so often I almost forget about the Kenzo bottle! I don’t like the package by the way.
Kpriss, I’ve no clue what the description about this fragrance means? But I love the simple design of the bottle a lot. I love purple but no, not that peace-sign please. Its out of place there in my view. Maybe some of the many ingredients or images they described in the description of the fragrance would have been more suitable.
Nex time when I’ve to visit the perfumery I’m gonna try a Kenzo fragrance. Which one is nice to try?

In euros the price is only €42 that’s cheap here comparison to a lot of fragrances and beauty care!

#3 Jill on 05.18.08 at 9:57 am

I’ve never really loved perfumes that labelled themselves as ‘oriental’ because they tend to be heavyhanded with scents like mandarin, which I don’t love. But, who knows? This one might be better?

#4 kpriss on 05.21.08 at 6:31 am

Linda, you’re so right! I wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t for you! Gradients are the IT color now..

Adiana, like you, I spent a lot of years without wearing any perfume because I thought it would get in the way of the natural human smell. After some time I found myself using perfume just because I had them.

Thinking of Kenzo, the first one I remember was a man fragrance, with a branch-like bottle, dark-blue. It was my father’s (since then, he changed many perfumes, but that one I remember very well). Then I fell in love (in the 90es) with Kenzo Summer (the leaf-like-bottle, transparent). Later on they produced another frangrance for summer, a leaf standing horizontally, also transparent (I’m sorry, I’m so bad with names, but when it comes to remembering something, I always relate with images).

As for the Chanel soap, I have absolutely no idea! Never was a Chanel girl :). My perfume now is Cartier’s Le Baiser du Dragon.

Jill, if you never liked oriental smells, don’t think you’d be giving in for this one either, I have the feeling it’s the same main idea.

#5 Bianca on 07.07.08 at 12:42 pm

This fragrance is the first and best I ever tried from Kenzo! Really love it and want to spray it on me whole day long (but it stays on quite some time so that is not necassary ;-) )

#6 kpriss on 07.08.08 at 7:28 am

Wow! Well, congrats are in order! looks like you found your favorite perfume for the summer (at least!)!

#7 minche on 09.20.08 at 9:08 am

This is the best fragrance by Kenzo!!! I’ve smelled it today and I’m loving it!

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