Jawbone Bluetooth Headset By Yves Béhar

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I came across this picture and found it incredibly beautiful for a gadget presentation. Even if this kind of technology addresses equally women and men, I still find it surprising.

The designer of this Jawbone Bluetooth headset, Yves Béhar refers to this creation as jewelry, completely parted from the tech-industry. Available in silver, gold and black with an optional leather ear loop, is meant to be beautiful and practical (you can see all the colors after this first picture).

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

It has “invisible buttons” – it has a touch-surface technology making up for the lack of buttons. Not the amazing thing is that Jawbone Bluetooth® headset has a Voice Activity Sensor that feels the speech of the user by touching his skin and makes the difference between the human voice and background noise, removing it from the conversation!
I know that was the main problem with my Bluetooth headset (that for some reason just doesn’t work anymore), when using it, the people I talked to heard the music from my car louder than my voice… Have you had any problem with your headset? (do you use one, in fact?)

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset by Yves Behar
(via dezeen)

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