Jeremy Scott’s Winged Car: Smart ForJeremy

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Although I haven’t (yet) tried a pair of Jeremy Scott’s legendary winged sneakers, I admit they look pretty fly and funny. Sure, Jeremy himself is far from being a fly – shy guy, if I may say so. Au contraire, he seems to be someone who’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

And so is his latest collaboration, standing out on the road: the Smart Fortwo has received the special Jeremy Scott winged treatment, becoming a fierce, white winged, Smart ForJeremy. And as little as it would appear on the outside, it sure is outstandingly impressive on the inside! Actually – you know what? it’s a fashionista’s perfect town car (check out the rest of the images to convince yourself: click here for the gallery!). And since they started, I can’t wait for the Smart Versace, with lots of blings and golden medusas!

Jeremy Scott s car Smart ForJeremy

Smart ForJeremy winged Smart by Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott s car Smart ForJeremy white interior Jeremy Scott s car Smart wings Jeremy Scott s car Smart ForJeremy interior

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