Messi Jilly Jewelry Collection – Underwater Love

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I guess that a someone who likes jewelry, likes it in every way possible or at least appreciates a strikingly original creation.

Looking at these rings I can’t think of anything else more than seashells and running around the shore, collecting them and playing like a child with nature’s wonders. Actually transforming them into wearable jewelry, especially into rings, couldn’t have crossed my mind.

Mesi Jilly Jewelry Collection

Besides the fact that they look “strange” I think they would be incredible fragile. Despite crafting semi precious stones, silver and gold with ocean love, these Mesi Jilly creations don’t speak jewelry to me. They just talk girl-toy-ish dreams. But maybe I’m not covering all the angles – you tell me…

Mesi Jilly Rings
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#1 Christina on 06.26.08 at 12:52 am

My Mesi Jilly ring is actually quite wearable. The shell is cut out for the finger to pass through but then the entire interior is filled with a cement or plaster like material giving it weight and adding strength to the shell. Because of the natural taper of the shell it also fits pretty comfortably between the fingers despite being a large ring. I have one done in silver with a gemstone and truly when it is on its not that readily identifiable as a shell (unlike perhaps the ones that are the spiral shells and are obvious). Just my thought; this is certainly not the first time shells have been used to make jewelry. Mostly it has been more inexpensive and even souvenir type items, but some high end designer have used shells in their jewelry in the past, just not in this exact way. And of course mother of pearl – the inside of a shell – is used all the time, and cameos carved from certain types of shell are common now and historically. Well, hope my experience with my ring was of interest to you. Thank you for posting the photo of the variations; they are not all available in any one shop that I have found so I did enjoy seeing all the images you have here.

#2 caroline on 07.13.11 at 11:01 pm

if you don’t see the beauty in these rings, you dont have taste or style! they are works of art and very creative.

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