Kate Moss Is Glamour’s Best Dressed

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Agyness who? The uberpresent Kate Moss tops Glamour’s Best Dressed Readers voted List. We’re all going rock’n’drug!

I imagine they won’t go for Britney (she was, in fact, the no 1 Worst Dressed) or for Angelina who’s lack of taste (in clothes at least) is soon to become proverbial, but choosing a right dressed for the wrong reasons is all the same to me. It seems all those catwalk dreams are coming to life through Kate Moss. Kate who’s followed allover, whose life is known by everyone, it’s like we could all have a sneak peak at the runway backstage through her.

Kate Moss Is Glamour s Best Dressed

She’s “best dressed” without being the cleanest, most innovative outfit wearer. Her first position is a hypocritical declaration of glamour. Kate Moss is not glamorous. At best, she’s normal, only thin, blond, single, party-harder, addicted and so on, and so on (but she’s famous).
Why do you think she was voted no 1 on Glamour’s reader’s list? Is it representative? Is she really the Best Dressed?
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#1 Adriana on 04.08.08 at 3:52 pm

I’ve never ever bought a Glamour magazine in my life. Is this US or UK Glamour? We have a Glamour too.
It tells me more about the taste of the readers than about the people on the list. Common, mediocre. Today in town I saw better dressed girls and women than Kate.
By the way, these white Ray-Bans, she was definitely not the first who wore these. They don’t suit her and they are not a great match with her outfits either.

I’ve to say I once liked Kate. But I’ve grown tired of her because of all the over exposure I guess.

Another thing, I find these best or worst dressed lists so subjective. Since I love music and movies a lot I’ve been often asked to make lists. I can’t! Same goes, for me, for best dressed lists. So in fact I wrote a long message and you haven’t an answer?

#2 aqua_angel on 09.13.08 at 1:45 am

Miss Kate Moss is the meaning of efortless cool, no poser she’s a rocker……

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