$1,569 Cavalli Diamond Time Watch

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You can tell Cavalli’s on the market, can you? If he can issue a $1,569 watch on the market after Donatella sprung out her $227,000 Destiny timepiece.

So for this amount, you get alligator skin and diamonds. No gold. Like a regular fast-fashion store collaboration with a haute-designer – you get the name, the signature, a surrogate look and that’s about it.

And the hope that maybe one day you’ll get to have an entire wardrobe with the authentic signature, no intermediates. Until then, it’s Cavalli Time to be bought.

Roberto Cavalli Diamond Time Watch

A handful of technical specifications might prove helpful, especially for the ‘giving season’ should you know someone who’s dreaming about this Cavalli Diamond Watch! It’s a round timepiece with mineral window and analog time display. The case measures 48mm while the band’s width is 25mm.

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Roberto Cavalli watch diamond white

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It’s water resistant up to 50m deep and has a white genuine python band, matching the silver monogrammed white dial hiding the quartz movement. I think it’s a rather catchy wristwatch for the woman who wants to look sophisticated but not flamboyant.

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