Male Models Looking Like Women. Officially A Trend!

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Years back, when men were taking David Beckham care for fashion and self pampering with a serious grain of salt, they didn’t know that Andrej Pejic would made it to the catwalk, with much acclaim and high fashion praise! Behold! There comes a new breed of male models: men who look like women! Below Stav Stashko in a Toyota Auris video ad campaign making the rounds of the interwebs. I guess we’ll be seeing him chez JP Gaultier? {theGloss}


#1 Riana on 08.25.12 at 8:05 am

Boring. He has not that Andrej Pejic thingy. This boy is so bland.

#2 kpriss on 08.26.12 at 7:27 am

Andrej is such a drama queen! Take away the spotlight and he’ll run cryin’ into mommy’s arms. So yeah, maybe you’re right, this one doesn’t sparkle like AP when he’s on camera… But then again, so many women (models) don’t have the same super sparkle…

#3 Riana on 08.26.12 at 10:15 am

True. But aren’t a lot of the fash people drama queens? Andrej often make remarks that surprises me in a good way. So he thinks, he use his brains. Well, his mommy loves him and is proud at her son. He shall be saved when he falls one day ;) :)

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