M-dolla Chopard Knuckle Ring Vs Ken Goldman’s Knuckle Brush

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Madonna is the toughest…diamond girl! Everywhere you turn your head, another Madonna cover pops up. Now that we’ve all seen the boots, we can admire the bling.

“M-dolla” Chopard Knuckle Ring has more than 258 brilliant diamonds and appears on the cover of the much awaited “Hard Candy” album. But what’s the idea with this ring? It has a special feature we’re not aware of? Some kind of glowing in the dark thing? It gives the wearer superpowers? And I know she’s not a punker, however, I came across this Knuckle Brush and thought it would have been more becoming for Madge … It’s rougher than a blingie, it’s womanly enough, would have been a perfect waste of minutes to save the world…from dust.
What would it be? Bling it or dust it away?

M-Dolla Chopard Knuckle Ring Vs Ken Goldman s Knuckle Brush
(via wwd, flickr)

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