Sasha Pivovarova by Hedi Slimane for French Vogue April Issue

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It’s all about being skinny, right? Blonde, willowy, messy looking and smoking. That’s Roitfeld’s vision of the in vogue fashion world.

If he continues like that, Hedi Slimane’s trademarks will remain blonde, slim, smoking women. Until that moment when we’ll be overdosing with Mr. Slimane’s obsessions, we sit back and enjoy another beautiful photoshoot by Hedi.

Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Hedi Slimane for French Vogue April Issue

This time it’s Sasha Pivovarova that’s being honored with his artistic vision and she’s doing quite a remarkable job.

Sasha Pivovarova by Hedi Slimane for French Vogue April Issue

I don’t usually like skinny models that look ill most of the time, like Sasha, but even so, I love it when she smiles, she somehow looks playful, joyful. Surprising for how gloomy she may look all bony and serious.

Sasha Pivovarova Pictures by Hedi Slimane from French Vogue April 2008 Issue

Maybe that’s the reason why Hedi photographed her with her mouth opened, to make her look more participative.

Sasha Pivovarova by Hedi Slimane for French Vogue April 2008 Issue

I have to express my disappointment when seeing yet another smoking-fashion-photo. There’s nothing trendy in being sick, there’s nothing fashionable in dying over a nasty habit.

Sasha Pivovarova by Hedi Slimane for French Vogue
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#1 Adriana on 03.24.08 at 10:15 am

Again, not really original coming from me, same as for Moss’ Vogue and Hedi’s Moss’ shoot for Libération: the inflatable doll…can’t help it that this is was my first thought. As often lately seeing models on shoots. What’s up with that?
That Dior dress (it is a Dior dress I believe from the last R-T-W collection?) looks too big and not attractive on that too skinny body in my opinion. Yes, a very unhealthy and messy look.

#2 Sasha Pivovarova Pringle Of Scotland Fall Winter 2008 2009 Ad Campaign — StyleFrizz on 07.10.08 at 1:31 pm

[…] of several songs with that tagline, so it’s not unusual after all. Maybe they all thought of Sasha when writing those […]

#3 Jessica(wanna be model) on 07.19.08 at 5:26 pm

These picture’s are wonderful. I love the way photographer Hedi captured the model without having her pose in some cheezy pose. Black and white photo’s are some of my favorite’s and I enjoyed seeing good photography. Thanks

#4 Ryann on 04.21.10 at 12:18 pm

I totally agree, I think Sasha looks way to thin in these images, which is sad because I really like her. I just wrote a post about the newest Italian Vogue and her editorial in it in which you can see all the bones in ther back and hip and shoulder. Check it out!

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