Tights are the New Leggings for 2008?

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After the gradient tights and learning how to dip-dye them yourself, fashion’s throwing another challenge:

Bebaroque tights! It’s like covering your leg in a work of art. Selling for $140, I’m sure the powerful resources across the internet (beauty bloggers, I mean) will soon enough find ways to climb those spring flowers up you gorgeous legs in no time and no money!

Bebaroque TightsUntil that moment (and be sure I’ll keep you posted with what those ever inventing girls do by themselves in the name of fashion!) arrives, I’m bound to tell you these tights don’t impress me too much (nor did the gradient tights for the matter). Maybe it’s the age, maybe it’s my wardrobe that doesn’t get the idea, but me, I was more of a leggings fan.

What about you? Already dip dyed half of your tights and looking forward to carry on the springy thingie with these bebaroque ones? Do you agree on leaving those leggings aside? Or you’re stubborn like Ms Lindsay Lohan who makes paparazzi’s delight when showing up with her second-skin-leggings?

(via nymag)

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#1 alli on 05.12.08 at 4:29 pm

Tights are awesome to wear but not at $140 a pair. If this style becomes trendy then it won’t be long before there are more affordable takes on them.

Tights are colorful, always stylish and can go with any outfit but solid black belongs in the past.

Leggings are still great but it depends on the scene and of course, the footwear. If you are going to wear your Uggs then don’t wear leggings. They just don’t go together.

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