Kate Moss Cover by Inez and Vinoodh- French Vogue April

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The world can’t get enough of controversy. The world can’t get enough of Kate Moss.

The French Vogue issued a new number with Kate on the cover shot by Inez and Vinoodh. The editorial is rather Brigitte Bardot-ish, in a raw nude-rock attitude. 70s air and mini-outfitted La Moss go for a photo shoot by the lake.

Kate Moss Cover for French Vogue Magazine April

I’m not a fan of tobacco glamour, as I already said before and thus I didn’t posted the pictures where KM was photographed holding a cigarette.

Kate Moss by Inez and Vinoodh for French Vogue Magazine April

To quote the editorialist “On the Road – About Fashion as a Road Movie.. The most STAR of the tops makes the choice of leather, cotton and denim, transforming perfectos and mini-shorts in basics made for living. (..)”

Kate Moss Photos for French Vogue Magazine April

I see no road movie in these pictures. I see a woman down by the lake side, a Honda motorcycle, an impossibly dressed blonde over makeup-ed woman who just likes to wear vests and never close them, even if she’s wearing nothing underneath.

Kate Moss Photos for French Vogue Magazine April Issue

The cover says “Sexy like Kate Moss”. The only thing I see is an unconvincing woman looking more like being hunted. Just out of curiosity, if you know, why there’s no smiling in fashion editorials?

Kate Moss Photos for French Vogue Magazine April by Inez and Vinoodh
Kate Moss Pictures for French Vogue Magazine April
Kate Moss French Vogue April
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#2 Sandy (Momisodes) on 03.23.08 at 7:46 pm

I agree, she does look a bit haunting in these…and never buttons her vest. Not a very appealing look.

#3 Adriana on 03.24.08 at 9:52 am

I can’t see what this has to do with fashion and why this is attractive for me, as a woman, in a fashionable way. Vogue is a womens magazine right? Isn’t this shoot really not meant to be for certain male magazines? I’ve name for this and I hardly dare to write it but ok, I do it anyway: the inflatable doll look…….

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#5 Stylish Thought on 03.24.08 at 4:39 pm

I have to agree. I’m not very impressed by these.

#6 e. varden on 03.27.08 at 11:22 am

Kate is a Scrawn, suitable for the fashion runway, I admit.

These pix (especially the cover) presents some thin tramp apparantly fogged out of her gourd. This is selling nothing but “um, duh?”.

Bad shoot. Very bad. (“Oh, I think Pete Doherty is leaking down my left leg…”)

#7 kpriss on 04.01.08 at 8:58 am

Maybe fashion is no longer appealing by itself, it absolutely has to come with celebrity. However, Paris Vogue takes a bit further with every skinny smoking blonde passing its pages. Like the oh-so legendary french charm has something to do with that. Or like if you’re not like that, you’re not worth the fashion while.

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#9 naomi on 03.13.09 at 11:14 pm

I have to disagree with all of you . i think these pictures are absolutely great , and Kate Moss looks sublime in them .
Who cares if it doesn’t look like a ” road movie ” it’s a fashion photo shoot .
The clothes are great , ” the tobacco glamour ” isn’t disturbing , this pictures express rebellion and freedom ( perhaps that’s why the article mentioned the ” road movie ” like atmosphere )

it is as though none of you know anything about fashion , how can you say that this is a ” very bad ” photo shoot , it’s Vogue Magazine along with some of the greatest photographers .


#10 Livvy on 03.20.09 at 4:52 am

I could not agree more – i think kate looks fabulous and i love the hazy lighting it is so nostalgic

HELLO they do not smile in editorials because they are not supposed to make you feel cheery and happy about yourself they are about high fashion and challenging your perceptions – or all we would have would be super-whitened teeth in commercials.

I think if it is slightly disturbing that is because it slightly wants to provoke comment and scandal – that is what art is all about, making you really think and argue.

#11 Clarisse on 10.08.09 at 4:08 pm

I love this edition of vogue… i looked for the boots that kate worn on the few picture… and i bought them but it was very difficult… 1245 euros the price was too big but i love them… like kate wear them, i can wear them like her and they are too much beautiful…

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