Evangeline Lilly Lost in Fragrance for Davidoff Cool Water

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The first two seasons were completely electrifying for me. Then they kinda “Lost” me and I came back now for this season, waiting episode after episode to see what are they going to pull out of the hat next.

After managing a quasi relationship between Kate and Sawyer, I thought it will remain like that (I’m sorry if this comes as a spoiler for you, it was kinda predictable, after all), they had some chemistry going on and they managed to show a credible couple.

Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly for Davidoff Cool Water

Off screen, Kate and Sawyer do have something in common – Josh Holloway the actor behind the character was contracted last year to front Davidoff’s Cool Water fragrance. And he does it pretty well. Now they’ve contracted Evangeline Lilly, the actress behind the Kate character to represent Davidoff’s Cool Water for Women. (I personally find it to be an excellent choice – she’s athletic, she’ll always be remembered having something to do with an island, the ocean, the beach, free spirited and wearing the same tank tops).
Back at Davidoff they try to convince us that “there’s strength that’s underneath it all, that is where sensuality comes from – versus just pure sexiness.”. Some pearl of wisdom they’ve issued! Leaves me with one impression – bodybuilders are breathing sexiness!
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