Eva Mendes Undresses for Calvin Klein CK Underwear Ad Campaign

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I guess it’s not all gone for Eva. She’s still the face for the Calvin Klein fragrance and now she’s going to undress for CK, replacing Natalia Vodianova who has been the body for CK Underwear until this year.

Eva’s now contracted for Calvin Klein Underwear and set to appear in ads from this very fall. In the same time, a line for curved women (called “Seductive”) will see the light of stores. So ladies, from this fall, pay real good attention when you drive, huge billboards are going to mess up the men behind the drivers!

Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein Ad Campaign

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#1 Linda on 03.18.08 at 1:08 am

Did they photoshop Eva so she appears thinner or did she lose some weight? Just curious. :P She looks skinnier than I remembered her to be in Hitch. Anyhow…wow, didn’t realize Eva would strip down completely for an ad.

#2 e. varden on 03.18.08 at 7:04 am

H’mm. She has no ass whatsoever, but makes up for that by having four nipples? – Not good enough, dear.

#3 Adriana on 03.18.08 at 7:31 am

I came to the same conclusion as Linda. Where’s Eva’s nice latina butt gone? She’s far more prettier than this naked photoshop version of herself. And how does this ad makes me desire Calvin Klein underwear?

Is Mrs Portman not rich enough to eat a bit more and healthy? Another example that doesn’t make me desire Calvin Klein’s underwear……..

#4 kpriss on 03.18.08 at 7:51 am

The pictures for the advertising campaign are not yet issued, nor am I in their lucky preview possession. The photo from this article is a personal mix of images found here and there on the internet. Eva’s completely undressed picture is slightly unflattering since she’s curvaceous and that’s not clear enough in this position. Evidently it received a photoshop touch, and the CK ads will too. Let’s just hope they’ll be more accurate than that.

#5 njut tabi on 08.13.08 at 2:17 am

eva you are so beautiful.

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