Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein Fragrances

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Hispanic women have a particular charm and a certain power over the fashion industry. After Salma Hayek giant de la mode marriage, Eva Mendes received a proposal.

But not for marriage… She was contracted as the new face for Calvin Klein Fragrances.

CK logo
How’s that going to merge with her latest career in rehab for substance abuse problem, I guess it’s all about chemistry after all. All about substances.

Eva “embodies the sexy, provocative essence of the Calvin Klein brand and we are thrilled that she will be the newest iconic beauty to represent Calvin Klein Fragrances.”

Eva Mendes Picture
Such a breathtaking official statement meant to reassure everyone! Let’s hope it will be a breathtaking fragrance as well.

Do you look at Eva Mendes like she could be pulling out the new mission as face of Calvin Klein just fine?

Or do you see her “other” face as party-girl-needing-rehab and thus nothing else matters?


#1 Adriana Josina on 02.07.08 at 3:40 pm

Simple and short: I don’t see the difference anymore. Kirsten Dunst does keep her company now….how fabulous is the glamourous life?

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[…] I can’t see why all got grey for Eva, but grey for Spring? Not only you’re getting out of the CK perfume contract (if that hasn’t been done yet), but you’re also likely to get every stylist from NY to Siberia […]

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