Oscar Red Carpet Makeup Insights

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What makes all those gorgeous looks on the Red Carpet? Besides plastic surgery, of course?

Well, I came across this piece of news and thought that you had to know, especially because the products aren’t all uber-preciouss. Here it goes:

The mascara used by Angela Levin (Chanel Makeup Artist) it’s Chanel Inimitable.

Chanel Inimitable Mascara
I’m a big fan, went from YSL to Lancôme and then to this exquisite Inimitable and stuck to it.
She also said this mascara goes right after the Sublimage Sérum.

Redken Haircare Products and Warren Tricomi Superhold Hairspray
The hair will be mostly done with Redken products, plus Warren Tricomi Superhold Hairspray to hold a perfect updo with Kristin Ess signature.
Restylane Injections ImagesAll celebs preparing for the big night go visit the good doctor at least a week before. The dermatologist specialist they all go see is Dr. Harold Lancer.

(the good vip dermatologist revealed that for the past week he spread his magic on half of Hollywood – Botox under the arms, Restylane lip injections, Placenta Oxygen Paraffin Peels, micro-buffing – re-texturizing procedure for face, neck, chest and breasts).

How Bottox Works
After all these horror stories, I’m left thinking that celebrity has a heavy price tag to it. Maybe the result is worth all efforts, however it still gives me the chills imagining all those procedures for a night out.

Ever dreamed about being pampered for an Oscar night out (sort of speaking)?

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