Chanel Skin Care – Hydramax and Active Collection and Sublimage Sérum

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The latest from Chanel Skin Care line – Chanel Hydramax and Active Collection and Chanel Sublimage Sérum Essential Regenerating Concentrate are believed to revolutionize the world of skincare products.

Matriptase is what makes Chanel Hydramax and Active Collection so special. It’s a natural enzyme of which effects (I have no idea what it does, actually! But then again, this must be the charm of science) are enhanced by Ceratonia PFA.

Chanel Hydramax and Active Collection
Now, with Ceratonia it’s another story – it’s an ingredient made by Chanel from Maroccan carob trees and it’s meant to increase the effect of the natural enzyme named above. How’s that possible? Well, it’s quite simple – through a process named polyfractioning!

Ain’t science wonderful? I can’t understand a single word they’re saying even if they’re counting on these fabulous explanations to seduce the consumer.

The Active Collection means Active Sérum (it comes in 1.7 oz at $105 and 1 oz at $75), Active Moisture Cream (it comes in 1.7 oz at $65) and Active Moisture Tinted Lotion (it comes in 1.4 oz at $55 and it’s available in three shades).

Chanel Sublimage Serum Essential Regenerating Concentrate

If I was to tell you what every product from the new Chanel Collection does, it would take me ages, especially because it’s the same science mumbling and most of all because I never tried one. It would be so unfair to talk about something I’m not convinced of!

The Sublimage Sublimage Sérum Essential Regenerating Concentrate (it comes in 1 oz at $385) is made to complete the Essential Regenerating Cream for its result is twice the concentration of the cream.

Exhilarating news! Seems I have to work 24/7 to ensure a proper skin treatment for my oh-so-gorgeous face. If only a serum costs $385 (ok, I give it at least the rare usage, for you’re not meant to abuse concentrate product and make it an every day treatment), I foresee my budget for bags and shoes (my only addiction for the time being) under a severe siege.

Do you find completely justified to pay such a price for just one of the products from your daily beauty routine? Do you think it’s worth it?
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#1 Adriana Josina on 02.10.08 at 5:29 pm

No I don’t. I feel the wrinkles coming up and my skin crumble when I think of my bankaccount. In the UK there’s a run on anti-ageing creme from the cheapest supermarket there is Aldi/Lidl. We have them too here in the Netherlands. “Aldi has launched its own-label beauty range – and thousands of women have been clearing its shelves of its bargain £1.89 anti-wrinkle day cream after it scooped a raft of beauty awards.

The Siana Moisturising Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream beat more expensive and better-known brands such as Helena Rubenstein, Olay and Elemis to be named one of the best anti-aging products on the market, with experts describing its ‘glowy, facial-like’ quality and smoothing effect on wrinkles. “

#2 Ashley backus on 02.22.08 at 11:25 am

just a suggestion– You should credit your sources- in this case WWD.

#3 kpriss on 02.22.08 at 3:02 pm

lazy sunday ;) hence sleepy head

#4 Oscar Red Carpet Makeup Insights — StyleFrizz on 02.23.08 at 3:08 pm

[…] I’m a big fan, went from YSL to Lancôme and then to this exquisite Inimitable and stuck to it. She also said this mascara goes right after the Sublimage Sérum. […]

#5 Kim on 02.25.08 at 7:27 pm

Your an idiot! How can you post info on your website and then admit you know nothing about it, what’s in it, or what it does for you? What’s it on there for? Chanel happens to be one of the best products on the market today. OHHH is that why its on there? Hits for your website? Get a clue. Give us some valuable info or shut up!

#6 kpriss on 02.27.08 at 1:37 pm

@Adriana thanks for the tip! I’m sure it’s good if you’re the one saying so ;) looking forward to try it myself!

@Kim first of all, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree, Chanel is a big brand with very good products (I believe it to be so because they can’t afford any mistakes once they put the Chanel brand on something). I haven’t tried many of those products myself either because I have no interest in them, or because I know I cannot afford them so it makes no difference knowing they exist but only on the shelf.

However, this article was about a new release from Chanel beauty and about the prices policy, looking for feedback from my readers regarding this specific subject. Thus, the valuable information is to be transmitted by those reading the article.

The question is still up, so, ladies, please fill in the blanks!

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