Armani for Alicia Keys 2008 Grammy Awards

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I have to admit, Alicia’s done it this time! She somehow managed to slip in some good outfits.

Without making too much of it, the red appearance is the best, by far. On second comes the print dress with straight hair. On third comes the blue dress from the red carpet and not so much because of the blue dress (which is a good creation, but not a good match with Alicia’s body) but mostly because of the wearer’s hairdo.
When is she going to learn that less is much more for her? Simple things, simple outfits, simple make-ups or hair-dos even out her natural lines.

Alicia Keys outfits

Anyway, to be objective, she’s improving, so let’s show some support! Plus – she’s got Giorgio Armani’s designs for “As I Am” world tour so let’s hope her improvements won’t stop here. Armani himself encourages her:

Alicia is a performer we will justifiably be comparing with the great Aretha Franklin in years to come.

Alicia Keys blue armani dress 2008 grammy awards

Soooo, what do you think? The red, printed or blue dress for Alicia? Have to ask your opinion about a feature – that pink unidentified object she’s carrying there – it’s a dinosaur egg? she forgot her handbag and picked up a rock, painted with some lipstick or something and played along the red carpet as if nothing?

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#1 e.varden on 02.12.08 at 1:26 am

Dinosaur egg? Good one! – Actually, It’s the world’s largest dildo and she’s not ashamed to flaunt it while she should be about the Swiffer-like floor-mop she’s dragging.


#2 Alicia Keys Late Show Fit Outfit — StyleFrizz on 04.30.08 at 1:59 pm

[…] Alicia Keys curvy body got a dress so tight, it looks like a second skin. With thong. Now that’s a daring outfit to promote one’s album! Kylie should have a talk with this curvy young lady, who knows, maybe that Geisha thing will melt into something more… bodylicious…However, the question still remains – how can you wear such a tight dress without making it in the fashion disaster column? […]

#3 rosybrowndoh on 06.11.10 at 6:48 am

Alicia i love your outfit it is breath taking

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