Natalie Portman Berlin Red Carpet Vegan Appearance

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The Other Boleyn Girl, our dearest Natalie Portman walks the Red Carpet at the 58th Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin for the premiere of the very movie in which she co starred Scarlett Johansson.

Few days ago she officially launched her vegan shoes line at Te Casan and she got herself a pair to walk the Red Carpet – the Paloma black satin sandal with rhinestone buckle (costs only $275).

The main thing that puzzles me is what happened with her dress?

Natalie Portman at the premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl in Berlin
She wrongfully chose the washing machine program? Doubt it. She accidentally caught her dress in the car door?

I’m counting out possibilities and come to admit the saddest truth – she must have handpicked this fashion-disaster dress personally.

It’s gotta be inspired by that vegan shoe design thing, otherwise I cannot explain how she blinded herself into wearing a half undressed-lingerie-like -scarf-of-a-dress. Either that, either she got Keira Knightley as a fashion adviser.

Was it a wise choice, from your point of view? or you fear Natalie’s evolution – first the Te Casan flop vegan line, now this? Were is she going to?


#1 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.15.08 at 5:38 pm

Yes it was a very wise choice by Natalie, because she got what she wanted: attention–by YOU for example.

Plus: She is so beautiful and young, she could wear a potato sack just like Marilyn Monroe did for a photo shoot and she still would look beautiful!
Would love to see a picture of you in ANY dress and let your readers judge it?
Guts to do this?
I am game.
I will be kind and totally fair.

What is your problem with her support for vegan material?
Did you go on youtube and watch the slaughterhouse videos and how cruel cows die?
Did you see how they suffer?
Steak time?
No, not for me, it is sick what people do to animals and I applaud Ms Natalie Portman, who by the way gave me a kiss when I brought her a red rose after a SAG screening. She is down to earth, super beautiful, bejond rich, Jewish and absolutely untouchable.
Not by anybody because she could wear a plastic bag and still would shine like the biggest diamond, polished and admired from every eye ball there is.
I did not wash my face for two days after having been kissed by Nathalie, it was that exciting.

#2 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.15.08 at 8:10 pm

Nathalie is beautiful and that design she is wearing looks very Greek stylish.

#3 amominred on 02.16.08 at 11:10 pm

Love the shoes, not so much the dress. She has looked far better.

#4 Michelle on 02.17.08 at 12:34 pm

Not the prettiest I’ve ever seen her look, but face it, she can and DID pull it off. I like her shoes a lot, but the vast majority of us can’t afford 200+ dollars for shoes, which is why I like the shoes (boots, handbags!) at Vegetarian Shoes and Bags.

#5 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.17.08 at 1:08 pm

I agree, I can’t afford shoes for $200+ Dollars, either. Just think about how wonderful, Vegetarian Shoes & Handbags.
I would even support the ugly Marilyn Monroe handbags made in China from CMG Worldwide if they would stop slaughtering these beautiful living animals!
I promise.

#6 kpriss on 02.17.08 at 1:46 pm

@Mark – I’m sure Natalie is beautiful (inside and outside) and I usually defend her with every chance I get, but this Rodarte dress really is not fitting her. As a person and as a personality. Of course, it’s just MHO and anyone is entitled to their own.

As for Vegan issues – I already stated my opinion several times – when talking about fur coats or recycling trend in fashion. I disagree animal slaughter for “beauty” purposes (or else), it’s immoral.

@amominred – completely agree with you! one time I was completely stunned by her looks for a photo shoot!

@Michelle – she did pull it off chin up, indeed! as for +$200/shoes, I can admit to one thing – red carpet shoes go much further! so it’s a plus after all!

#7 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.17.08 at 2:17 pm


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#9 Elizabeth on 03.26.08 at 4:46 pm

Personally, I loved this dress, even though I knew a lot of people would hate it. Yeah, it’s bold, but Natalie pulls it off. What I like is that she was able to tone down the dress but still wear some really cool jewelry. Also, I think that her conscientiousness about animal rights shows that you can be both beautiful and intelligent, and, in fact, true beauty stems from intelligence.
Loved your dress, Natalie. You took a very bold, high end dress and made it wearable. Thats fashion talent.

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